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CTI Symposia – The appropriate forum for the international exchange of experiences

Since 2012 CTI organises its famous CTI SYMPOSIUM in China. The three day event provides an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The international industry event delivers the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components.

Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies give an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

Updates about the Symposium & Expo

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7 August 2018, 6.00 – 9.00 p.m, Blue Frog Restaurant, Shanghai

The Chinese automobile market is said to further lead the global NEV (New Energy Vehicles) production and sales the next years. But what is the status quo of NEV development in China? What makes it so special, to develop and produce NEVs in China. What can Chinese and oversea companies learn? Find your answers at the next
CTI Roundtable:

  • Ideal after-work networking opportunities
  • Get in contact with local and international automotive experts

Discuss latest trends and developments in a relaxed atmosphere.

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CTI Symposia – keeping pace with progress

The automotive industry is developing fast – and so are our CTI Symposia. What began nearly 20 years ago as a specialist get-together for the transmission industry has now grown to become a leading Drivetrain Engineering congress and exhibition platform.

Our Symposia on Intelligent, Electrified Automotive Drivetrains are specifically dedicated to the challenges and solutions of new energy vehicles.Continue reading

Keynote-Speakers of the CTI Symposium China

Kejian Wang

President, CH-Auto Technology, China

    Yoshiyuki Tanaka

    General Manager, Future Technology Center, Jatco Ltd., Japan

      Michael Schöffmann

      Head of Transmission Development, Audi AG, Germany

        David Lu

        Director, New Engery Vehicles, Technology Center Shanghai, Chery, China

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