Advisory Board

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig

    Dr Sven Beiker

    Dr Sven Beiker

    Founder and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Mobility; Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business

      Dr Yong Chen

      Dr Yong CHEN

      Professor, Hebei University of Technology; Senior Chief Engineer, Geely Powertrain Research Institute

        Prof. Huiyan CHEN

        Professor at the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

          Gregoire Cuny

          Gregoire Cuny

          Vice President of Powertrain Division China & Korea, Continental

            Prof. Dr Weirong Fang

            Prof. Dr Weirong FANG

            Global Director, Transmissions & Driveline Department, SAIC Motor Technical Center

              Dr Robert Fischer

              Prof. Dr Robert Fischer

              Executive Vice President, Engineering and Technology Powertrain Systems, AVL List GmbH

                Tim Gilbert

                Tim Gilbert

                Director, Product Development Department, Dongfeng GETRAG Transmission Co.,Ltd.

                  Prof. Dr Xin GUAN

                  Dean of School of Automobile Engineering, Jilin University

                    Gerhard Henning

                    Chief Technology Officer, Great Wall Motor Transmission Research Institute, China

                      Dr Calvin Lee

                      Dr Calvin LEE

                      Chief Engineer, R&D Center, BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd.

                        Dakai LI

                        Chairman of the Board, ShaanXi Fast Auto Drive Group Co., Ltd

                          Prof. Dr Jun Li

                          Prof. Dr Jun LI

                          President, China FAW Group Corporation

                            Kaiguo LI

                            Vice President, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute

                              Prof. Huiping Liu

                              Prof. Huiping LIU

                              Director, Green Traffic Professional Committee, Shanghai Institute of Traffic Engineering, China

                                Wolfgang de Loth

                                Director Strasbourg Technical Center, Punch Powerglide Strasbourg SAS

                                  Prof. Jan Gang LU

                                  Prof. Jan Gang LU

                                  Professor, PhD Director, Beijing Institute of Technology
                                  CTO, Sanhua Automotive USA

                                    Noel R Mack

                                    Noel R Mack

                                    Executive Director Truck Driveline Systems, AAM

                                      Isabelle McKenzie

                                      Isabelle McKenzie

                                      Senior Manager, Advanced Transmission Engineering
                                      Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC

                                        Haruhisa Nakano

                                        Haruhisa NAKANO

                                        Vice President, Jatco (Guangzhou) Automatic Transmission Ltd

                                          Prof. Dr Peter Tenberge

                                          Director of the Institute for Industrial and Automotive Drivetrains, Ruhr University Bochum

                                            Haoding Wen

                                            Haoding WEN

                                            Vice President, Business Unit Transmission Technologies, Schaeffler Group Greater China

                                              Prof. Dr Xiangyang Xu

                                              Prof. Dr Xiangyang XU

                                              Executive Deputy Director of National Engineering Research Center for Passenger Car Automatic Transmissions, School of Transportation Science & Engineering, Beihang University

                                                Ping YU

                                                Ping YU

                                                Founder, Chairman, CEO and Chief Engineer, Jing-Jin Electric Technologies

                                                  Prof. Dr Tong Zhang

                                                  Prof. Dr Tong ZHANG

                                                  Director, National Fuel Cell Vehicle and Powertrain System, Engineering Center, Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Center, Tongji University

                                                    Prof. Dr Frank Zhao

                                                    Prof. Dr Frank ZHAO

                                                    Director of Automotive Strategy Research Institute (TASRI), Tsinghua University