Call for papers

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Call for Papers 2018

How to take an active part in the programme – Call for papers

Take an active part and present a technical paper in the CTI Symposium China 2018
for extending the international exchange of experiences and opinions in the automotive
transmission and drive community! Take the opportunity to discuss the latest status
and the future of most challenging and interesting engineering areas in automotive
development. Join this high profile industry event and get involved as speaker!

Who should take an active part?

International and local automobile manufacturers and suppliers, experts of all development
areas in the field of automotive transmissions, alternative drives and components
are invited to hand in a paper proposal.

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Your proposal should include the following information:

Presentation topic:

  • Title of the presentation
  • 4 subtitles for the later programme
  • Abstract min. 1 page
  • Abstract in English and Chinese, min. 1 page each
  • Precise information on the topic focus, approach and methodology
  • Summary of results and findings which will be presented
  • Description of the novelty and the advantage of this solution
  • Complete contact details of authors and presenters (postal address, department, job title, academic degree, phone, fax, email)
  • Information who will be the presenter (note: only presenter will be named in the final programme; all authors can be named in the presentation material and conference documentation)

Length of presentation

A presentation takes about 20 minutes plus introduction by the chairman
and 5 minutes of discussion with the audience afterwards.

Presentation documents required for the Symposium and the proceedings

The documents to be handed in include (given layout format):

  • Job history in English and Chinese
  • Topic outline as continuous text with integrated pictures and images, max. 15 pages
  • Presentation slides, not more than one slide per minute presentation time
  • Since the Symposium is an international event, all documents are required in English and Chinese. Details as well as style sheets for creating the documents will be made available if your presentation proposal is accepted.

Free entrance for presenters to the main conference days

The entrance for the presenter (1 person per presentation) to the conference main days is free, incl. catering and conference documentations.

Dates for paper proposal submission

  • Closing date for paper proposal submissions (extended): 16 April 2018!
  • Paper proposal submissions for CTI Symposium Berlin 2018, please contact Ms. Sylvia Zenzinger
  • All presentation proposals will be forwarded to the program committee which will decide if the proposal is accepted during May 2018.
  • Everybody who hands in a proposal will be informed about the result afterwards

Dates CTI Symposium China

Publishing date of the conference program: end of May 2018
Deadline for presentation submission: end of July 2018
Main days of the event: 18 – 20 September 2018

Call for Papers 2018

Special: 2 at 1 blow!
You can submit your topic for China AND Germany at the same time!

For more details please contact Sylvia Zenzinger.