Symposium 2017


In the past few years, Chinese automotive industry has undergone tremendous changes and a series of new trends have come up. Numerous Chinese IT companies are investing in the automotive industry and have established a number of new electric vehicle brands. Chinese traditional OEMs have also begun to take actions. Several new brands have been established, especially in the high-end SUV segment. This shows that the Chinese automotive industry has entered the next level. The OEMs in China are now more focusing on their own development, especially the drive systems. Many of them have already started mass production of their own DCTs and hybrid drivetrains. The accelerated local development and production in China will be the new trend in the next years.

Another aspect is the introduction of realistic fuel consumption cycles and emissions tests, such as WLTP and RDE, which will continue making the emission regulations more stringent. China, as the world’s largest automotive market, is developing its own emission standards as well, known as the China 6 standard (including RDE), and an own test cycle (“China Cycle”). Due to the discussion on the discrepancy between drive cycle fuel consumption and real driving fuel consumption, the automotive industry and especially the propulsion developers are under considerable pressure. The efficiency improvement of New Energy Vehicles (NEV), like HEV and EV, is essential.

Thanks to the strong support by the central and local governments, the sales of NEV in China will continue to see strong growth this year. OEMs from China and around the world are increasing their research and development investments. A series of new products will enter the Chinese market this year. On the other hand, the government will reduce the subsidies for NEV each year with the first reduction of 20% in this year. This will inevitably improve the industry’s long-term development. NEV manufacturers must accelerate the development of new technologies to make breakthroughs and reduce the production costs constantly. China is also the most important driver for e-mobility worldwide. Meanwhile, the quota, that at least 8% of production of OEMs must be electric and hybrid vehicles, will be introduced at earliest by 2018.
The tighter emissions limits show that a wide use of electric cars will become reality in China.

Again this year, the CTI Symposium will cover all important innovations and progress in the field of transmissions, drive systems, components and development methods as well as market-specific requirements and global prospects. We will not only focus on a variety of new transmissions, hybrid and EV drives, but also on component-related topics, which help
to optimize the complete drive system:

  • Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) as well as NEV transmission and drive system concepts
  • Market-specific constraints and impacts on drive system and transmission development
  • New concepts of starting devices, drivetrain topologies, components as well as actuator, sensor and control units for transmissions and drive systems
  • Powertrain integration, operating strategy and control algorithm
  • Software development and strategy
  • Development tools, manufacturing technologies, lightweight design

We are taking the large variety of above-mentioned topics into account: 67 presentations in 8 parallel sessions, a panel discussion on the question “Transmission and drive systems developed and produced in China” accompanied by the Transmission-Expo, our “technology market for innovations at your fingertips” with about 50 exhibitors.

Together with the Introductory Day for Newcomers prior to the main program, the 6th CTI Symposium in Shanghai is again an important forum for international transmission and drive experts to exchange opinions and experience and provides a valuable status update.

I am looking forward to your participation and to many useful discussions
and ideas.

Best regards


Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay
Managing Director of the Institute of Automotive Engineering
Technical University of Braunschweig