Exhibitor Innovations

Product Innovations at the CTI Symposium USA 2017


Konzelmann Seal Ring EVO design / Pinion Thrust Washer

Seal Ring EVO design: The new Konzelmann seal ring with the EVO design is optimized for better assembly, lower friction losses, constant and minimal leakage.

Pinion Thrust Washer: The new Konzelmann pinion washer can be used to substitute metal/bronze washers by having the following advantages: easier assembly, reduced thickness, no anti-rotational features needed, works against aluminum – steal – powder metal etc., better loading capacity under severe conditions, reduced costs, constant torque losses.

Today and for a (Vehicle’s) Lifetime

W.S. Tyler, along with parent company Haver & Boecker, are leading manufacturers of metal woven wire cloth used in the automotive industry. Certified in accordance with ISO TS 16949, our wire weaving divisions produce filtration materials responsible in the suction filter of a dual clutch transmission for retaining particles. This ensures the smooth operation of the transmission – over a vehicle’s lifetime.

Klaus Sklorz, head of the automotive business unit at Haver & Boecker, W.S. Tyler’s parent Company.

What properties are required to optimize filter performance from all contaminants in transmission oil, and continue to achieve this even after 100,000 miles of use? W.S. Tyler continue to answer these questions and provide the highest quality filters for the many uses of wire mesh. From the flow regulator of a faucet to the precision filter element in a spacecraft, metal wire mesh filters and moulded parts perform a wide range of tasks.

We turn, mill, grind, hone, broach and shape.

Your benefit: Everything from one source – Reich LLC.

As a leading manufacturer of turned parts, ball bearings, components for injection systems and other vehicle parts, the name REICH stands for quality. Decades of experience in the automotive industry, in the field of power tools as well as in research and development of machinery for international use and the food industry speak for themselves. Speak for us.

Target wheels with integrated magnet providing zero backlash for steering angle sensor technology.

MS-Schramberg’s Innovative solutions in the field of magnet technology, presented at the CTI Symposium World Series in the U.S.

At the CTI Symposium World Series, the place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives, MS-Schramberg places its main focus on magnetic field sensor technology. Especially in the automotive industry, this technology is used in various applications. With its comprehensive expertise, MS-Schramberg is a close partner of companies in that field.

World’s 1st Production Selectable One-Way Clutches for Automatic Transmissions.

Five Controllable Mechanical Diodes (CMDs) launching with three different customers.

Means Industries is launching five mass production Controllable Mechanical Diodes (CMDs) with three different customers. This is the first time Means’ CMD technology will be integrated with its successful Mechanical Diode (MD) technology, and the first selectable one-way clutches (SOWCs) to be used in high-volume powertrain applications.

HOERBIGER cone clutch design yields fuel savings for automatic transmissions

Significantly lower fuel consumption despite increased power, compact dimensions, easy handling and universal application possibilities? HOERBIGER Drive technology has achieved what sounds like a series of irreconcilable ideal properties for automobile drive trains.

TorqueLINE is a new product family of clutches and brakes for automatic transmissions which feature a revolutionary design. The most important advantage: with this innovation, HOERBIGER succeeded in intelligently combining frictional engagement and form lock.