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International CTI SYMPOSIA in Germany, China and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. From efficiency, comfort or costs to electrification, energy storage and connectivity, these premier industry meetings cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. Annually 250 exhibitors show their products and developments at our events. Delegates experience the latest technology updates in the transmission, hybrid and electric drives industry.

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Matt Thorington

Industrialization of the value stream is part of the solution

Dave Filipe

Ford is offering many ‘flavors’ on its path from ICE to BEV, as Dave Filipe, Vice President Vehicle Hardware Modules Ford, explained in his presentation at the 2022 CTI Symposium in Novi. In this interview, Filipe gives insights into Ford’s electrification path until 2030 and outlines the challenges and solutions in a demanding international market.

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Event Report CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2022

Event Report CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2022

Electrification is taking off: there are more EVs to choose from; platform concepts are becoming more important, and competition among e-drives is lively. The first e-trucks are arriving on the US market – and the jury is still out on how long ICEs have left to live. And which energy forms are reliably available in… Continue reading

Thermal Management for EVs – the key to peak efficiency

On their search for new ways to boost EV efficiency, designers keep coming back to thermal management. Optimizing coolant and refrigeration circuits for different components is proving to be a highly complex task – but one that offers decisive energy and cost saving opportunities.

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Are truck and van e-drives ready for the mass market?

So long, diesel! Numerous companies are willing to switch faster to zero-emission fleets – providing the e-trucks on offer are attractive in terms of ROI and technology. Creative concepts with proven solid axles look promising here. CTI Symposia – setting the pace in zero-emissions mobility As a seismograph for emerging trends, CTI symposia were quick… Continue reading

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