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Every year, the international transmission and drive community meets up at the
International CTI SYMPOSIA  in Germany, China and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. From efficiency, comfort or costs to electrification, energy storage and connectivity, these premier industry meetings cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. 250 exhibitors show their products and developments. Come and experience the latest technology updates in the transmission, hybrid and electric drives industry.

This is the best transmission/powertrain electrification forum in China.
Calvin LEE, BAIC R&D

The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA – Digital Edition a success

A transformation process began several months ago. A transformation process that was to be a solution to the then unimagined dimensions of a virus that posed huge challenges to the event industry. Out of this transformation, the digital CTI SYMPOSIUM USA was born. We were forced to face many challenges. The time difference between the… Continue reading

Tomorrow’s powertrains – more efficient, more powerful, more complicated?

Powertrain electrification has given innovation an enormous boost – and the desire and need to further reduce CO2 emissions will accelerate that development in future. As a result, we can expect ongoing improvements to existing solutions and the development of innovative new concepts. CTI symposia – an eye for essentials The architectures of electrified powertrains,… Continue reading

From sprint to marathon – electromobility as (r)evolution

The vision is sustainable mobility, with automobiles that operate in a carbon-neutral way. But how is this green future coming along? More than ten years after the Tesla Roadster came out of the starting blocks for a glorious sprint, even optimists are now gearing up for a marathon. The early days are history, and today… Continue reading

Webinar September 2020: The E-Mobility Decade: A holistic assessment of critical technologies and supply chain dynamics

Webinar September 2020: The E-Mobility Decade: A holistic assessment of critical technologies and supply chain dynamics

A Special Webinar for the International CTI SYMPOSIUM Community in conjunction with IHS Markit Despite existing and immediate pressures generated by the COVID-19 crisis, the automotive industry direction of travel towards increasingly electrified propulsion remains intact. Challenges imposed by air quality legislation and CO2 requirements remain, whilst investments from car manufactures and suppliers well established… Continue reading

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