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Every year, the international transmission and drive community meets up at the
International CTI SYMPOSIA  in Germany, China and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. From efficiency, comfort or costs to electrification, energy storage and connectivity, these premier industry meetings cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. 250 exhibitors show their products and developments. Come and experience the latest technology updates in the transmission, hybrid and electric drives industry.

This is the best transmission/powertrain electrification forum in China.
Calvin LEE, BAIC R&D

Hydrogen from production to vehicle application

In a specific session dedicated on hydrogen from production to vehicle application scientists and engineers of Shell, Toyota, FIAT Powertrain Industrial and Hyundai will go into details about • H2 as a renewable fuel option for mobility • The role of hydrogen and electrification towards Zero Emission Mobility • Fuel Cell Systems Development for Commercial Applications: Requirements, Technology Status and Challenges • H2 – vehicle applications and integration Join the CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY Digital Edition on December 8 and 9. Benefit of this unique meeting of international experts to gather information most relevant for your future business strategy and generate valuable new business contacts.

The energy providers, communities and automotive industry are working on the energy and mobility transformation. The production, distribution, usage of hydrogen as well as the development and application of efficient technologies vital for a successful turnaround. During the CTI SYMPOSIUM EUROPE leading experts form the energy and automobile sector are discussing the future of hydrogen… Continue reading

ElringKlinger is developing new production processes to improve output of thin steel sheet stacks for electric traction motors


Due to the change from internal combustion engines to electric drives in automotive applications, both the demand as well as the requirements for laminated stacks that form the iron core of an electric traction motor are increasing. ELECTRIC DRIVE UNIT COMPONENTS In order to optimize energy consumption and reduce the installation space, the iron losses… Continue reading

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