The Expert Summit for a Sustainable Future Mobility

Every year, the international automotive community meets up at the International CTI SYMPOSIA in Germany and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. To reduce CO2 emissions drivetrain electrification and the use of renewable energies are in the focus. Efficiency, reliability and costs need to be optimized at the same time. CTI SYMPOSIA are premier industry meetings that cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. Annually hundreds of delegates get latest updates on products and services, exhibitors show their solutions at their booths as well as during a ride & drive.

Thermal management is a critical success factor for electric vehicles. Long service life, short charging time and energy density are directly related to an efficient battery cooling system.

Traditional battery cooling takes the form of a plate, usually made of aluminum, with embedded channels for the coolant. The battery cells, which are usually surrounded by a metal sleeve, and the cooling plate are rigid. Direct contact, for instance due to manufacturing tolerances, always results in an air gap and thus poor thermal conductivity.… Continue reading

HOERBIGER innovative solutions for electric drive trains

Your reliable system and component supplier for future mobility From development to production of innovative components and complete systems for conventional and alternative powertrains – HOERBIGER offers you everything from a single source. The portfolio for electrified drive trains includes transmission synchronizers and innovative shift elements for coupling and decoupling as well as components and… Continue reading

Ajedium™ PEEK Slot Liner Enables 800V eMotor Downsizing & Weight Reduction

DeeDee Smith, Luigi Marino, Brian Baleno Solvay Materials A significant challenge for eMotor 800 Volt designers is to design smaller and more compact eMotors. Successfully doing so allows for the potential to reduce the mass of both the eMotor and battery pack. A new slot liner material, Ajedium™ PEEK films, gives engineers the design freedom… Continue reading

Full Car Computer could be a reality by 2027

As electrification progresses, in-vehicle hardware and software architectures will evolve from distributed electronics to a “full car computer and zonal” model. We spoke with Patrick Leteinturier, Fellow Automotive Systems, Infineon Technologies, about these new architectures, new semiconductor materials, and the central role of “motion control”.

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