The Expert Summit for a Sustainable Future Mobility

Every year, the international automotive community meets up at the International CTI SYMPOSIA in Germany, China and USA to discuss the best strategies and technologies for tomorrow’s car, busses and trucks. To reduce CO2 emissions drivetrain electrification and the use of renewable energies are in the focus. Efficiency, reliability and costs need to be optimized at the same time. CTI SYMPOSIA are premier industry meetings that cover all the key issues in depth.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO is a professional platform with unique cross-sector networking opportunities. Annually hundreds of delegates get latest updates on products and services, exhibitors show their solutions at their booths as well as during a ride & drive.

Prof. Küçükay passes the baton to Prof. Jaensch

After more than 20 successful years, the chair and co-founder of CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY, Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay, is passing the baton to Prof. Dr. Malte Jaensch. Prof. Küçükay began working with CTI back in 1999, when he chaired the first specialist conference on vehicle transmissions. Two years earlier, he had been appointed professor and… Continue reading

Tomorrow’s electromobility – carbon-free and full of innovations

Automotive mobility is saying farewell to combustion engines and heading for a carbon-free electric future. This far-reaching technology shift is stimulating the creativity and innovative powers of developers. Their intelligent solutions not only support sustainability and global climate protection, but also convince, or even inspire, customers in daily life. Next-generation EVs are playing to their… Continue reading

Optimum sustainability, performance or cost effectiveness? Choose all three!

Tomorrow’s automotive mobility will be sustainable and carbon neutral. While that would be impossible for internal combustion engines, for battery-electric drives the goal is in sight. From the considerable heights already scaled, developers are aiming higher still by improving the operation and production of electric motors. Innovative technologies are boosting efficiency and range while lowering… Continue reading

Development if a multi-Speed Two-Drive-Powertrain

Aaron Kappes , Steffen Frei , Sebastian Luz , Prof. Stephan Rinderknecht, Institute for Mechatronic Systems, TU Darmstadt; Institute for power electronics and control of drives, TU Darmstadt An electric Two-Drive-Powertrain using two electric machines is presented, which allows a highly efficient over all usage. The multi-motor approach achieves a downsizing effect, when one motor is deactivated during… Continue reading

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