CTI Symposia World Series



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CTI SYMPOSIUM: Highlights and Learnings

What were the highlights and learnings from the CTI SYMPOSIUM 2018? Once again, drivetrain expert and Chairman Prof. Ferit Küçükay has summarized the key topics for you in an exclusive review.

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New CTI Mag out now – Automotive Drivetrains | Intelligent | Electrified

In the Expert Forum, the big question is what new drive functionalities we can expect from connectivity and AI between today and 2035. Welcome to the December 2018 issue of the CTI Mag. In the automotive industry, drive diversity and drive complexity continue to shape research and development activities.

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CTI Panel Discussion

You missed the CTI SYMPOSIUM in Germany? Then take a look at the exciting podium discussion. Topics: Which energy source will power tomorrow‘s mobility? What are its implications for the drivetrain? Moderator: Ulrich Walter

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aCar : TU Munich develops electric car for Africa

TU Munich scientists created the electric car “aCar” specifically for application in rural areas in Africa. Five years ago, scientists at the TU Munich began building a car that is supposed to improve mobility in developing countries within the course of a research project, thus opening a new possibility of … Continue reading “aCar : TU Munich develops electric car for Africa”