CTI SYMPOSIA – the perfect event for the international exchange of experiences

In 2002, the CTI SYMPOSIUM has been established as an annual international meeting place on latest automotive transmission, hybrid and electric drive technologies in Germany. Since then, CTI SYMPOSIA have expanded to the USA and China. They have become the only international event series in this dedicated topic area.

In total over 2,400 representatives of the automotive community make the CTI SYMPOSIA worldwide the top event for the automotive powertrain, transsmission and component industry.

Each of the events is accompanied by an impressive exhibition with leading manufacturers and suppliers showing latest products and solutions. Every year the programmes are filled with hundreds of presentations showing latest developments and findings and giving an outlook on what the automotive market will look like in the future. All told, this make the CTI SYMPOSIA a unique platform to get technology updates and do business.

As special features, the CTI SYMPOSIA start off with introductory seminars and provide the opportunity to experience latest applications of transmissions and drives in practice during the CTI Test Drive in Germany and the US.

CTI SYMPOSIUM – the meeting place you cannot miss

  • Introductory days dealing with the basics and practice of automotive transmissions, hybrid and electric drives for newcomers and those who want to refresh their knowledge.
  • 2 main days with keynote speeches, panel discussions and technical presentations. Exchange of experiences, R&D results and opinions with leading representatives of automobile manufacturers, suppliers, engineering consultants as well as officials. Active discussion of the latest technologies and strategies on automotive transmissions and HEV & EV drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Extensive networking in coffee and lunch breaks as well as at our evening event.
  • CTI Test Drives to experience automotive transmissions and drives in practice (Germany and USA).
  • Conference languages and documentation in English (and Chinese for the CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA) with simultaneous translation (Germany: English and German; China: English and Chinese).