Author: Laura Szabadi

eDMT for Commercial Vehicle Applications

eDMT – electric Dual Motor Transmission Electrification is a growing trend in all vehicle industries worldwide. This trend is especially prominent in the commercial vehicle industry with the rate of electric city buses having reached up to 80% in China.

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Interview with Dr. Carsten Bünder, Magna Powertrain

Dr. Carsten Bünder, Director Global Product Management at Magna Powertrain gave an interview.

Some of the questions were: How do you see the development trends in the automobile industry? Which type of vehicles will receive the leading position in 10 or 20 years? And many more.

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Ready for the second revolution?

When the Tesla Roadster entered the market in 2008, it was a technological revolution. Despite widespread scepticism at the time, the discussion today is about when electric drives will supersede combustion engines. So far, however, electric vehicles are still a rare sight on the roads.

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