Masterpiece 9-Speed KATE R932 Automatic Transmission Born for Brand New Luxury Vehicles

KATE R932, the first nine-speed planetary automatic transmission built specially without torque convertor, is making its world’s debut
in a new luxury passenger vehicles under the brand AURUS. Continue reading “Masterpiece 9-Speed KATE R932 Automatic Transmission Born for Brand New Luxury Vehicles”

Flexible Hybridisation with Added Customer Benefit

Electrification of conventional powertrains increases the number of possible variants and thus potential costs. However, end customers are not willing to accept these costs to fulfill legislation requirements. A modular and scalable electrification approach helps to create more flexibility and new customer value. Continue reading “Flexible Hybridisation with Added Customer Benefit”

The MAGSPLIT® Hybrid Transmission

The Magsplit transmission device splits propulsion power magnetically. In operation, it offers greater efficiency with superior NVH compared to the alternatives. As a power split, the launch quality is smooth and tunably progressive, whether driving purely electrically or with the combustion engine. As electrification proliferates, hybrids must continue to offer a competitive driving experience and, for Chinese customers, this magnetic power split transmission is ideal. Continue reading “The MAGSPLIT® Hybrid Transmission”

The Importance of Rheology and Viscosity Index Improver (VII) Selection in Passenger Car Efficiency

Lubricants have always been the “lifeblood” of automotive vehicles, reducing energy losses in the battle against friction, preventing wear, and ensuring durability and longer vehicle lifetimes. For modern drivetrains, purposefully formulated lubricants are a vital design element. They enable high levels of fuel economy and powertrain efficiency in response to government mandates designed to protect the environment and limit global warming to an acceptable limit. Continue reading “The Importance of Rheology and Viscosity Index Improver (VII) Selection in Passenger Car Efficiency”

A Comprehensive System Approach for Future Powertrain Electrification

Electrification opens up many new opportunities, but also causes a complex interaction between the combustion engine and electric motors in hybrid vehicles. This is why new concepts and components for powertrains are in high demand. It is not enough to simply mix and match existing options. Magna Powertrain is meeting this challenge by offering a modular and scalable product range that provides vehicle manufacturers with a wide range of options. Continue reading “A Comprehensive System Approach for Future Powertrain Electrification”

CTI Mag: Success opens Doors

An editorial interview with reigning F1 World Champion Nico Rosberg

Obviously I still think a 12-cylinder AMG or Ferrari is brilliant. It gives you goose bumps. But there’s a place for everything, and autonomous driving and electric cars are just as fascinating.
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Issue: #December 2017

Mr Rosberg, you became Formula One world champion at the age of 31. How does it feel to be so successful that young?

Nico Rosberg: I only know it this way so I can’t compare. But it was  fantastic, and really emotional. I did it! It cost a lot of energy, but it was awesome. Sharing that success with everyone was great – my family, the team, friends. The title has an amazing effect on your life afterwards. This success opens doors, and it’s really valuable for my future. Continue reading “CTI Mag: Success opens Doors”

CTI Mag: HOERBIGER SlimLINE creates Space for Hybrid Drives

Worldwide demand for advanced hybrid technologies for vehicles is growingunabated. These technologies offer a combination of high range, low fuel consumption, and minimal emissions. At the same time, modern combustion engine-based drivetrains leave little room for the integration of additional necessary components. The innovative design of the HOERBIGER SlimLINE synchronizer saves installation space as well as weight and opens up valuable design freedom for hybrid vehicles. Transmission manufacturers can utilize the extra space for an additional electric motor, for example.

Dipl. Ing. Ottmar Back, Head of Product Line Synchronizers, HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH

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