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News: CTI Symposium USA

The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA – Digital Edition a success

A transformation process began several months ago. A transformation process that was to be a solution to the then unimagined dimensions of a virus that posed huge challenges to the event industry. Out of this transformation, the digital CTI SYMPOSIUM USA was born. We were forced to face many challenges. The time difference between the…

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Abstract: BP energy outlook 2020 and solutions for advanced mobility

BPs latest outlook of energy demands to 2040 will be presented with scenarios to meet that energy demand and reduce overall carbon emissions; The forces that shape scenarios for the future and key uncertainties. Lower carbon roadmap options for energy, fuel and lubricant products will be presented, including lubricants designed to enable next generation electric…

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Abstract: A market segment approach for optimizing hybrid propulsion systems

To achieve a balance between powertrain costs and CO2 emissions, different levels of hybridization have been developed and will exist in parallel on the market for the mid-term future. Dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHT) are embedded in dedicated hybrid powertrains (DHP) which are used in full hybrids (HEV) and some plug-in hybrids (PHEV).

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Abstract: Innovative electrified transmissions for next generation mobility

As a leading global transmission provider, ZFs experience in electrified planetary and dual-clutch transmissions has helped he industry transition to hybrid powertrains. The concept of the new, 4th generation 8HP planetary transmission was first presented at CTI in 2018. Now, two years into development and two years before the SOP, ZF presents an insight into…

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Interview with Dr Jörg Gindele (Magna Transmission Systems) – “Exploring the Limits of Technology”

The new 8DCL900 is more than just a highlight in supercar transmission development. As our interview with Dr Jörg Gindele shows, taking technology to the limits can benefit large-scale production too. Mr Gindele, the new 8DCL900 Performance Dual Clutch Transmission you and Ferrari co-presented at CTI Berlin has a proven predecessor: the 7DCL750. Why the…

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Magna’s Modular and Scalable 48 V Platform eDrive Solutions

Magna uses a scalable set of building blocks to create complete powertrain systems for pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles, covering the full range of system architectures from 48 V to 800 V. Cutting edge virtual methods including artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting performance-, efficiency-, durability-, NVH-, thermal- and EMC-attributes are used in an early…

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