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News: CTI Symposium USA

Interview with Gary Horvat, Navistar

"Electrification makes a lot of sence but it is really limited by the range of the battery packs and how far the trucks can actually go." Gary Horvat, Vice President of eMobility at Navistar Inc. is answering in this interview questions about electrification of heavy trucks, infrastructure and fuel cells.

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The disciplines around drivetrain development increasingly intertwine

Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh, Vice President & Product Line Manager Global Transmissions at AVL List GmbH USA. The automotive industry is transforming and disciplines are intertwining more and more. This challenges OEMs and suppliers who try to keep pace with the developments in all areas. Dr. Hamid Vahabzadeh has been chairman of the CTI Symposium for…

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People think they have to make compromises buying EVs

Interview with Alexander Edwards, President, Strategic Vision, USA Why do people buy electric vehicles and why do they avoid buying EVs today? And what can OEMs do to convince people of buying EVs? Alexander Edwards should know. His research company Strategic Vision carries out studies on buyer Feedback in the automotive sector. We talked to…

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