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CTI SYMPOSIA – The appropriate forum for the international exchange of experiences

Since 2012 CTI organises its famous CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA. The three day event provides an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The international industry event delivers the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components.

Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies give an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

  • 630 delegates
  • Representatives from 20 countries
  • 60 exhibitors

Updates about the Symposium & Expo

CTI Panel Discussion

You missed the CTI SYMPOSIUM in Germany? Then take a look at the exciting podium discussion.


  • Which energy source will power tomorrow‘s mobility?
  • What are its implications for the drivetrain?

Moderator: Ulrich Walter

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Hybrid Drive Challenges:
The battle beneath the bonnet

Until recently, most automobiles held few surprises in store under the bonnet. Conventional drives with a combustion engine were still the norm – but not any more.

Stricter CO2 targets are setting the pace

The next few years could see dozens of different drive train architectures competing with each other. The key driver is the need to meet ever-stricter CO2 ceilings by electrifying drivetrains everywhere – from small cars to premium SUVs.Continue reading

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Electric Drive Development for a Parcel Delivery Van

Introduction Today electric drives find their application in almost all parts of mobility, transport and utility. In case of passenger cars, the main reason to develop EVs is to comply with NEV mandate targets or CO2 standards.