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Since 2012 CTI organises its famous CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA. The three day event provides an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The international industry event delivers the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components.

Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies give an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

  • 600 delegates
  • Representatives from 20 countries
  • 45 exhibitors

Updates about the Symposium & Expo

Call for Papers 2020 – Take an active part in the program!



Closing date for paper proposal submissions:
1 April 2020

Notification of authors of acceptance or rejection of their paper proposal
Publishing date of the conference program:
Mid of June 2020

Deadline for presentation material submission:
Mid of August 2020

Main days of the event:
22 and 23 September 2020Continue reading

Abstract: Scalable Transmission‐Integrated Hybrid Solution for Light Commercial Vehicles

Light commercial vehicles, currently mostly driven by Diesel engines, typically cover very diverse route profiles and use cases. In the future, solutions are needed that allow emission‐free driving in the city. However, exclusively running BEVs is no option for many businesses, because interurban longer‐distance capability is required as well. That favors a hybrid drive, which can be electrified in different scales to specific needs, to enable lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).Continue reading

Abstract: A new benchmark in compact, low cost DCT technology

The new type of DCT, which is named “DT1”, is not of the typical design layout that is typically seen in existing DCT products. The new dual clutch uses two different wet friction subsystems configured in axial arrangement. One of them is actually a wet clutch whereas the second one is a planetary gearset controlled by a wet brake. This enables a reduced number of gearsets, a single layshaft and an extraordinary thermal stability of this 200Nm 7speed DCT.Continue reading

Abstract: Multi-Mode e-Transmission, a New and Fuel-efficient Drivetrain Configuration for HEV/PHEV

The multi mode e-transmission developed by GKN has been in production at Shanghai GKN Huayu driveline system Co. Ltd. This e-transmission has an unique architecture which can support different driving modes such as pure EV, serial hybrid and parallel hybrid. By supporting different driving modes it can help a HEV or PHEV car to fulfill best fuel-efficiency while ensure its dynamic performance characteristics.Continue reading

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Plenary speech: E-Mobility for all – the concept behind

Frank Bekemeier, CTO e-Mobility, Volkswagen: “A no-compromise design for electric drives” Volkswagen is backing fully optimized BEVs. The brand recently launched its ID.3 – the first model based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit or MEB – and plans to build a whole family of vehicles on this platform.