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Since 2012 CTI organises its famous CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA. The three day event provides an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The international industry event delivers the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components.

Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies give an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

  • 630 delegates
  • Representatives from 20 countries
  • 60 exhibitors

Updates about the Symposium & Expo

Advanced e-drive systems are conquering the powertrain: Farewell to combustion engines?

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Remember the steam engines that shaped the industrial revolution? Now they’re in the museum – and combustion engines could soon be joining them. The successor technology is up and running: e-drives, for silent, dynamic, emissions-free automotive mobility.

At CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA, electric drives are in the spotlight. The technology is progressing fast, so we have a wealth of innovations to present and participants can expect plenty of fascinating lectures and discussions.

Leading OEMs have a clear message: Give e-mobility priority!
Chang’an, Dongfeng, GAC, Geely, SAIC … no fewer than five of China’s top ten OEMs will be present at CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA. We also look forward to welcoming Audi from Germany. In the plenary and sessions, all six will explain how they plan to make the transition to sustainable, e-drive powered mobility.

On the road to virtual product development
Ricardo is a company that strives to respond flexibly to changing market requirements, develop innovative e-drive solutions and get them on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. So in recent years, the company has developed a complete software suite of integrated tools.Continue reading

Petrol, electricity, hydrogen … what will be tomorrow’s favourite fuel?

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The coming era of sustainable mobility will be defined by diversity. BEV owners will either recharge overnight from their garage wallbox, or use a 150 kW/h fast charging station on-the-go, where the car next to them could be a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) filling up with hydrogen compressed to 700 bar. Vehicles with a petrol or diesel ICE will still head for their usual pump, while plug-in hybrid drivers can use either a power lead or a filler pipe to source their fresh energy. That’s good for motorists, who can choose the technology that best suits their needs and wishes. It’s also a challenge for manufacturers, who are currently having to invest up front.

The CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA – all the facts, all the context
Once again, we’ve compiled a top-notch programme for our upcoming international expert summit (23 – 25 September 2019, Shanghai). Important OEMs will be explaining their strategies, and we’ll be presenting a broad range of technical innovations and improvements for all types of powertrain electrification. We’ll also be examining how current political decisions are moving the goalposts in the markets. Incidentally, 14 percent of the symposium participants polled last year took a surprising view of what lies ahead: “In 15 years, I’ll no longer own any sort of car.”

China sets new priorities and fuels competition
The drastic reduction or complete elimination of NEV subsidies is sending a clear message, and EVs are hearing it loudest. The aim is to prompt manufacturers to woo EV customers by cutting costs still further, and boosting vehicle performance. A breakthrough in solid-state battery development, for example, would be an important milestone.Continue reading

Hear what leading OEMs have to say

Also available in German!

The automotive industry is undergoing a phase of radical upheaval. A new era of autonomous mobility has begun: autonomous, connected, shared, and above all electrified. This poses enormous challenges for OEMs. What answers do they have for key questions? What concepts are on their roadmap for the future?

CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA: Leading OEMs present their strategies
The automotive industry looks to China – as the fastest-growing market, the technology pacesetter for New Energy Vehicles, and an ideal host for the CTI Symposium. We’re delighted so many  leading OEMs have accepted our invitation – and proud of the fact that high-ranking experts from five of China’s top ten manufacturers will be present in the plenary and in the sessions.

The ’G’ – on the grille and under the bonnet
Developing key components for New Energy Vehicles in-house is a core pillar of GAC’s corporate philosophy. The G-MC (GAC Mechatronic Coupling System) is an outstanding example of the success of this strategy. Currently, G-MC’s most prominent role is in the Trumpchi GS4 PHEV, where it functions as the heart of the advanced hybrid drive.Continue reading

Free Download of the Programme CTI SYMPOSIUM China 2019

Here are the highlights in brief:

  • Introductory day “Basics and practice of hybrid and electric drive, automotive transmissions”
  • 67 presentations and 630+ delegates
  • 7 plenary speeches and 8 parallel sessions (incl. e-drive and market development sessions)
  • Panel discussion: “Which powertrain characteristics and product strategies are important for success in the Chinese market?”
  • 50+ exhibitors
  • Evening networking event
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