Abstract: A new benchmark in compact, low cost DCT technology

The new type of DCT, which is named “DT1”, is not of the typical design layout that is typically seen in existing DCT products. The new dual clutch uses two different wet friction subsystems configured in axial arrangement. One of them is actually a wet clutch whereas the second one is a planetary gearset controlled by a wet brake. This enables a reduced number of gearsets, a single layshaft and an extraordinary thermal stability of this 200Nm 7speed DCT.
The strongly deviating design come into the design process as to adhere to high cost effectiveness, longevity against high thermal loading, high efficiency, a large ratio coverage and it must be compact for fitment from subclass cars to medium sized SUV. These types of parameters are all taken into the design of this new type of DCT. Furthermore, the innovative clutch and gear topology enabled us to develop the product for such requirement.

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