Abstract: Benchmark of Modern Electrification Concepts – Which Electric Vehicles Fascinate Customers with their Technologies?

2019 – The year where electric mobility has finally been kickstarted in Europe with the market introduction of the new Tesla Model 3. While it is still the only electric vehicle in the medium class segment, it must not be forgotten that existing compact EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf, are already selling in significant quantities and are technologically very well equipped. With this P3 presentation, we aim to identify the best implementation of a battery electric powertrain in the compact vehicle segment. We will start by showing the current portfolio of BEVs available for sale in Europe. This will show the great bandwidth in terms of vehicle segments, driving ranges and prices. The presentation will then go on to select some key compact BEVs for further discussion and benchmarking during the presentation. These are well comparable, but also feature very different solutions for the battery-electric powertrain. The next step will be to compare the details of the powertrain setups down to the level of individual high-voltage components. This is intended to show the different design and engineering philosophies behind each vehicle and the used platform. Considering customer needs, the presentation will go on to compare and evaluate each powertrain solution. As a result, the presentation will close by defining the success factors for building an EV that customers will appreciate. This is vital for the necessary market ramp-up of electric vehicles sales globally.

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