Abstract: High Performance 48V integrated e-Axle

Compared to conventional 48V drive systems, a P4 axle layout enables the customer to use the vehicle in pure electric drive
modes, with much higher performance compared to currently available systems on the market. A set of use cases is defined to
calculate the torque and power requirements for the e-axle. Based on this, the required torque-speed characteristic of the e-axle can
be determined.

Target package space is defined as the package of a conventional 4WD rear axle to minimise vehicle modifications. Mechanical
interfaces such as e-axle bearing support and half shafts to the wheels of the 4WD system shall be reusable. Additionally, a
co-axial design is used to minimise the package space. The definition of the e-motor torque and the transmission ratio is a
compromise between available package for the e-machine, maximum rotational speed of the e-machine, 10500 rpm, and the fixed
value of required e-axle torque, 1280 Nm. This e-axle shall be able to support the powertrain up to 130 kph as well as to be
disconnected from the wheels above 130 kph.

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