Abstract: Integrated eDrive System for Various Performance Classes

The compact fully integrated electric drive propulsion system combines an excellent power to weight ratio and a high volumetric power density. Due to the smart and optimized GKN design a scalability of the integrated system in various performance classes is achieved, despite conventional interfaces between the electric motor, high-performance electronics and transmission are consistently transferred to a common system housing structure. By modularization of the main subcomponent assemblies an output power from 100 kW up to 260 kW can be realized. Software controlled active cooling of the electric motor or active lubrication of the transmission can be implemented depending on the thermal and efficiency requirements. The variation of the transmission ratio allows the adjustment of the system performance characteristics according to the vehicle specification. In addition, park by wire or an electronic disconnect differential as well as a twinster-unit at the output stage of the transmission, can optionally be integrated. This leads to improved flexibility for the driving strategy of all-wheel and two-wheel drive configurations. The result of the systematic integration in combination with modularization enables the reduction of complexity across the vehicle derivatives for customer platforms, with reduced development time and cost and increased system robustness.

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