Abstract: Modular and highly functional DHT platform for subcompact cars up to full-size SUV

The contribution is focused on the advance engineering of a new, modular hybrid platform for future, front-transverse vehicle architectures. To generate this modular platform, a well-balanced system with the right-sized mechanical and electrical components needs to be generated. Therefore, at first the basic trade-off between the hybrid functionality, the customer demands, the system complexity and costs is discussed. With these architecture investigations, the functional potential and limitations of various powertrain topologies with one and two e-motors are characterized.

A second subject matter is the investigation of the package situation in typical front-transverse engine bays regarding the positioning and maximum size of the e-motors. In order to answer the questions concerning the major development requirements driving performance, fuel and e-drive consumption and powertrain costs, IAV’s Powertrain Synthesis methodology is used to investigate each of the pre-defined topologies with a wide parameter variation. The result of this systematic engineering process is a suitable DHT platform with a good balance between all investigated criteria.

In order to demonstrate the potential and the hybrid functions of the developed DHT system, the design of the complete platform is introduced. A detailed look into the transmission design will show some of the latest development trends, such as dog clutches or smart and highly efficient electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic actuation systems.

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