Abstract: Scalable Transmission‐Integrated Hybrid Solution for Light Commercial Vehicles

Light commercial vehicles, currently mostly driven by Diesel engines, typically cover very diverse route profiles and use cases. In the future, solutions are needed that allow emission‐free driving in the city. However, exclusively running BEVs is no option for many businesses, because interurban longer‐distance capability is required as well. That favors a hybrid drive, which can be electrified in different scales to specific needs, to enable lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). With the 6BHT425, Getrag Ford Transmissions has developed a light hybrid transmission for light commercial vehicles that meets these requirements. It is based on the manual transmission 6MMT425 with a dry clutch, supplemented by an e‐machine in P3 arrangement with two dedicated speeds. Shifting of both ICE and EM is automated. The P3 arrangement allows for filling torque interrupts on the ICE side. Using a high‐speed EM, electric Power can be scaled package‐neutrally, through to performant plug‐in hybrid drives. Compared to P4, P3 needs no modification of the rear axle. Scaling the electric power does not directly affect cargo space and payload. The ICE and EM alike can be decoupled on demand. When driving electric, the two EM speeds enable high launch capacity as well as up to 70 kph full‐electric speed. The dry clutch ensures drag‐free decoupling of the ICE. Moreover, the short 1st gear allows a strong climbing capability. At higher speeds and constant driving otherwise, the EM module can be decoupled to avoid drag losses through the PSM. When needed for recuperation or active electricity generation, the EM is being coupled seamlessly. The speech describes the design of the 6BHT425 and compares the solutions with competing approaches in terms of performance, weight, modularity/scalability and TCO. Furthermore, it covers potentials for customer‐specific configurations.

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