International transmissions experts meet up for the sixth time in Shanghai

6th CTI Symposium and Transmission Expo in China
International transmissions experts meet up for the sixth time in Shanghai

25 – 27 September 2017, Shanghai

Düsseldorf/Shanghai June 2017 – The next International CTI Symposium ’Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid & Electric Drives’ takes place on 25 – 27 September 2017, when automobile experts will gather in China for the sixth time to exchange ideas on transmission technology developments. With 8 lecture series, 60 presentations, 7 keynote speeches and the satellite exhibition ’Transmission Expo’, the event will provide a powerful framework for high-ranking Chinese and international automobile and transmission manufacturers and suppliers. The focus will rest on strategies, new components and development tools for conventional and alternative drives.

China in the fast lane with electric mobility

With over half a million electric vehicles sold in 2016, China is now by far the world’s largest market for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Supported by state programs and directives, NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) aim to cut emissions in urban conglomerations and make the land less dependent on oil imports. By 2020, the plan is to get more than five million electric automobiles on Chinese roads. ”China is the most important driver for electric vehicles. The quotas for electric automobiles since 2019, together with stricter emissions regulations, show that the widespread use of electric automobiles in China is becoming a reality. Rapid developments – including in China – in automated driving and connectivity will also have a significant impact on drivetrain technology” explains symposium chair Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay from TU Braunschweig.

In the field of electric mobility, China is pursuing a systematic strategy along the supply chain that includes battery technology, onboard electronics and the network infrastructure. Chinese mobility policies focus on three key aspects: networked electric vehicles, autonomous driving and intelligent traffic systems. The International CTI Symposium in Shanghai will address these and other developments, and find answers to questions on electrification and the further development of conventional drives such as:

  • Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT): What product variants are on the market?
  • Regulations in China: What are the new regulations for New Energy Vehicles? How will they impact on market development?
  • How can cost efficiency be improved? Is it possible to cut costs while boosting performance?
  • How can need-driven actuation and sensor systems improve application performance?
  • DHT, AT, DCT, CVT, AMT: How can various hybrid and electric drive concepts further improve transmission efficiency?
  • How can optimized drivetrain concepts improve dynamics, comfort and efficiency?

Discuss trends, share knowledge and shape the future

The CTI Symposium China is a sister event to the CTI Symposium Berlin. Its hallmarks are the particularly high quality of the lectures in terms of Chinese market specifics, and the high number of decision-makers who attend. ”Last year we welcomed 570 participants to the International CTI Symposium Shanghai; this year we expect even more” notes Ken Zhang, Deputy Project Manager CTI Symposium China. ”But although we’re pleased with these high attendance figures, what really defines us is quality, not quantity.”

Last year, over 1300 participants and more than 130 exhibitors from around the world attended the Berlin Symposium, one of the world’s most important specialist events for transmission technology. ”We’re seeing a clear trend towards internationalization, both in where participants come from and the topic fields we present”, notes Sylvia Zenzinger, Managing Director CTI Transmission Symposia Europe, USA and China. ”We’re proud of the way our three events – Berlin, the USA and China  – can promote the international exchange of ideas even more strongly. The global impact of market developments in China is growing, which makes us optimistic about making the CTI Symposium China even bigger and better.”

The two-day Shanghai symposium (26 – 27 Sept) will be preceded by an introduction day (25 Sept) offering industry newcomers a crash course in the basics of automobile transmissions and alternative drives.


”Good opportunity to enhance market view and trend view. Well organized with good networking support.”
Mario Koch, Continental

“The CTI Symposium provides a high quality insight into technical developments in automotive transmissions.”
David Latimer, Magnomatics

“Good chance to have an open window to the future of the car industy.”
Giacomo Angelou, Mekiec Trading Shanghai


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