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Impressions from the 7th CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA – ‘Automotive Drivetrains, Intelligent and Electrified’

Post-show-report of the CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA, 19 – 20 September 2018 – Shanghai, China

China´s Growing Expertise

China is growing its domestic development competence in electrification, and at the same time opening up to external competitors. This year’s CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA featured even more electrification-related topics – and even more internationalization.

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Review: 6th International CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA

Post-show-report of the CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA, 25 – 27 September 2017

Electrification has Many Facets

The quotas are coming. As of 2019, automotive manufacturers must have a minimum share of electrified vehicles in their Chinese portfolios. But conventional drives and transmissions will still have a chance too – the technical concepts of Chinese OEMs and suppliers are just as diverse as in other markets.

As the 6th CTI SYMPOSIUM Shanghai (25-27 September 2017) showed, the question of whether combustion engines still have a future also applies in China. “Despite the euphoria surrounding electric drives, the Chinese have not forgotten combustion engines” said symposium chair Professor Ferit Küçükay in retrospect. This year’s symposium raised the bar once again, with 67 lectures offering 620 participants all the facts on new developments in transmission and drive technology.

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Review: 5th International CTI SYMPOSIUM CHINA

5th International CTI SYMPOSIUM ’Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid & Electric Drives’ in Shanghai is the Meeting Point for the World’s Transmission Experts

Dusseldorf/Shanghai, 23 September 2016 – ”Stricter legislation and increased environmental awareness among drivers, including those in China, are driving a radical rethink in the industry. There is a growing focus on hybrid drives, specifically in the new transmission category called DHT or Dedicated Hybrid Transmission, a concept developed specially for use in hybrid drives”, explained symposium chair Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ferit Küçükay (Director of the Institute of Automotive Engineering, TU Braunschweig) at the beginning of the 5th CTI SYMPOSIUM ’Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid & Electric Drives’ in Shanghai.

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Review: 4th International CTI SYMPOSIUM China

4th Internationale CTI SYMPOSIUM ’Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives’ in Shanghai: A Unique Exchange Platform for Transmissions and Drives

Düsseldorf/Shanghai, 21 September 2015 – “Automobile production in China is growing more slowly than in recent years, which strengthens the competition. At the same time, the market for New Energy Vehicles is growing rapidly” said Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay from TU Braunschweig at the very beginning of the 4th Symposium ”Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives” in Shanghai. “These changes are a challenge, but also a great opportunity for developments in transmissions and drives.“ The focus at the conference (16-18 September) was on the latest developments in the fields of efficiency, fuel savings and concept diversity. Around 430 auto industry experts from Asia, Europe and the USA took part in the Chinese sister event to the Berlin Symposium, the world’s most important transmissions industry get-together.

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Review: 3rd International CTI SYMPOSIUM China

420 automobile experts from around the world meet up in Suzhou
Düsseldorf/Suzhou, 22 September 2014 – With strong visitor interest, lively discussions and informative lectures on all aspects of the auto industry, the 3rd international CTI SYMPOSIUM ’Innovative Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid & Electric Drives China’ (17-19 September) was a big success with trade visitors and organizers alike.  “The CTI SYMPOSIUM is an ideal platform for discussing specific aspects of transmission and drive technology, as well as overarching trends and visions, with other specialists“ says Dr Calvin C. Lee, Product Director, New Energy Vehicles, China FAW R&D Center, enthusiastically. “The organisation is like a big community where you can grow your career network among experts from all over the world.“

After two successful years in Shanghai, the event relocated to Suzhou in the strong business province of Jiangsu. With 420 participants in 2014, year-on-year figures were up once again. In over 40 panels, experts from China, Germany, the USA, Japan and other countries discussed topics including the use of modern drive technologies as part of local and international efforts to reduce fuel and energy consumption, and how megatrends are impacting on transmission technology.
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Testimonials of participants of our events

Covers all aspects of transmission systems coming up.G. Hank, Infineon
A great opportunity to hear about new developments and, at the same time, see the biggest picture of strategies, market, regulations.A. Truckenbrodt, AFCC
Today CTI provides the benchmark Symposium for transmissions engineering.A. Hill, Supplier business
Very good experience and education.D. Stirnemann, Schaeffler Group
Very well organized; highly informative technical presentations; definitely worth attending.C. Wiegandt, Federal-Mogul Corporation