Abstract: Scalability goes Live – Modular Hybrid Transmission Family for High-Volume Applications

The vehicle segment up to 300 Nm has the largest share within the global market. It is particularly price-sensitive and requires strong economy of scale. However, increasing hybridization multiplies the number of functional variants. They range from 48V hybrid drives to HV and HV plug-in hybrid drives. In addition, on high electrification levels with a dominant e-machine, it becomes desirable to reduce mechanical complexity.
To address this wide variety without abandoning large-volume capability, Magna Transmission Systems has extended its modular product family by a further scaling path. The initial product for this concept is a 4-speed hybrid DCT that is functionally extendible either mechanically or through electrification. For traditional powertrains with dominant ICEs, and based on these physical four speeds, two more logical speeds can be added. In highly electrified applications otherwise, the e-machine may cover electric launch, low-speed and reverse driving; this does not require more than four gears and allows for further reduced mechanical complexity on several levels.
The transmission family covers a large variety of customer requirements and at the same time offers the robustness of a proven design. Innovation on the building block level directly benefits the entire product line. The transmission characteristics can be scaled using existing components. The approach requires no functional compromises in terms of drivability, shifting comfort etc. It allows for reducing costs through reducing mechanical components along with increasing electrification.
This speech presents all possible architectures and applications. It shows which components within the transmission are the decisive modules to enable functional scalability while maintaining the base architecture. Being the extension of an existing strategy, the technology is ready for series introduction.

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