Session seven

CTI Symposium China 2020 Online Sessions

Session Seven: Transmission Optimisations
(original plan: 18 November 2020, due to time conflict this session will be postponed to 02 December and combined with Session Nine.)


02 December 2020
China Time: 17:00-18:00 (Central European Time: 10:00-11:00)
Presentation language: English
Tool: MS Teams


Speaker One:

Ryo Nakamura
Group Manager
Aisin AW Co., Ltd



CVT lineup including two newly developed transmissions

  • Aisin AW CVT lineups
  • Features of CVT with starting gear
  • Features of ultra-compact CVT

Aisin AW has developed two types of new generation CVTs. One is a transmission that significantly improves driving performance and fuel efficiency by adding gears. The other is an ultra-compact transmission that has greatly improved fuel efficiency by expanding the ratio coverage. We believe that the lineups including these two transmissions will meet the latest automakers demands worldwide. This paper focuses on the lineups including the new transmission.

Aisin AW’s CVT lineup has been enhanced by adding the following two models. Improved driving performance & fuel efficiency CVT which has expanded ratio coverage by adopting Synchro, C2 Clutch, and Starting Gears. ・CVT which has expanded (wider) ratio coverage by reducing Belt running radius & Shaft diameter realized equal to or greater fuel efficiency than 1.0L-class M/T.

Speaker Two:

Barry JamesBarry James
Chief Technology Officer
Romax Technology


Structural optimization of an EV gearbox housing targeting Low Gear Misalignment

  • Influence of bearing stiffness on gear misalignment
  • Review of conventional approaches to structural optimization
  • Results from a case study with minimized misalignment for all meshes across all loads

It has long been understood that having gears that are misaligned leads to reduced performance, in terms of reduced life and increased noise, and designers have long sought to understand the deflections in the gearbox which contribute to this misalignment, namely the shafts, bearings, gear blanks and housing. At the same time, lightweighting targets have demanded that more weight (i.e. material) is taken out of designs. Lighter designs tend to be more flexible, risking greater misalignment, so structural optimisation methods have been used to create gearbox

housing designs that are optimised for specific stiffness, i.e. maximised stiffness/weight ratio. However, this neglects the fact that, within a gearbox, some deflections are much more damaging than others, based on whether they affect the alignment of a gear in its line-of-action or not. This paper presents an approach where the gear misalignment under load of an EV gearbox is decomposed into the contributions from the internal components (shafts, bearings, gear blanks) and then a target is set for the housing to provide deflections that counter these deflections.

The target is to create a gearbox structure where, as the torque is increased, the deflections of the shafts, bearings and gears (resolved in the line of action of the

gears) are precisely countered by the deflections of the housing (again, resolved in the line of action of the gears). A process that links together two well-established

software packages is illustrated and the design optimisation of an EV gearbox illustrated. 2 gear sets with drive and coast conditions give 4 gear mesh conditions that need to be made invariant to torque, at the same time as maintaining housing stress limits. The results show that, for the 4 gear meshes, peak misalignment is reduced by an average of 67% whilst the housing weight is reduced by 59%. This reduction in misalignment will make for gears that are more durable, quieter and more efficient.

Designing a housing with a specific structural target that operates so as to minimise gear misalignment across the range of operating torques Linking of a gearbox system modeller with a structural optimisation tool, taking intelligent targets from the former to set targets for the latter.


Please note: Sesison Seven and Session Nine are combined.

Session Nine: Next Generation of Fuel Economy Applications

02 December 2020
China Time: 16:00-17:00 (Central European Time: 9:00-10:00)
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As the world’s leading provider of lubricant solutions, Castrol commenced its China operation in 1989 and is now a key player in the premium lubricant market. In 1998, Castrol set up its first lubricant blending plant in Shenzhen Shekou. In 2010, Castrol opened its first China Technology Centre in Shanghai Pudong. With pioneering technical expertise and rich worldwide operation experience, Castrol is committed to meeting the diverse needs of customers in China.

Castrol is highly involved in sponsoring global pinnacle football and racing events. It sponsored the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa and 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, as well as the 2008 and 2012 European Championships. In the field of motorsport, Castrol EDGE is the designated oil for Audi, Ford, Honda and many more. It helped the teams and drivers achieve winning performance in top-level international racing events such as WRC and Dakar Rally. In 2017, BP Castrol worked with Renault to claim a strong return to F1. In addition to the fuel and lubricants supply by BP Castrol, it will also support the team’s ambition to lay claim to the F1 World Championship in the next five years.

For a long time, Castrol has been chosen as the partner and recommended brand of many of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and Ford. Castrol collaborates closely with its partners to co-develop pioneering technologies, customize high-quality lubricants and is always committed to providing better products and service for Chinese consumers.

Castrol (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd.
Floor 3, Building 5, No. 255 Guiqiao Road, Shanghai, China


L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Since 1958, Gore has solved complex technical challenges in demanding environments — from outer space to the world’s highest peaks to the inner workings of the human body. With more than 10,500 Associates and a strong, team-oriented culture, Gore generates annual revenues of $3.7 billion.

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