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The International CTI SYMPOSIUM and its flanking specialist exhibition is THE international industry event in Europe for people seeking latest information on developments in automotive transmissions and drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles!

HERE you meet the experts from Europe, America and Asia!

  • Extensive OEM reports
  • Delegates from 28 countries
  • Most international* industry meeting in Europe
    (* over 33% participants from non-German speaking countries)

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Tomorrow’s powertrains – more efficient, more powerful, more complicated?

Powertrain electrification has given innovation an enormous boost – and the desire and need to further reduce CO2 emissions will accelerate that development in future. As a result, we can expect ongoing improvements to existing solutions and the development of innovative new concepts. CTI symposia – an eye for essentials The architectures of electrified powertrains, […]

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From sprint to marathon – electromobility as (r)evolution

The vision is sustainable mobility, with automobiles that operate in a carbon-neutral way. But how is this green future coming along? More than ten years after the Tesla Roadster came out of the starting blocks for a glorious sprint, even optimists are now gearing up for a marathon. The early days are history, and today […]

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Magna’s Modular and Scalable 48 V Platform eDrive Solutions

Magna uses a scalable set of building blocks to create complete powertrain systems for pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles, covering the full range of system architectures from 48 V to 800 V. Cutting edge virtual methods including artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting performance-, efficiency-, durability-, NVH-, thermal- and EMC-attributes are used in an early […]

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