Abstract: Electrified powertrain strategy from Geely’s perspective

The automotive future is indeterminate:

  • Ever more stringent legislations for local emissions and global CO2 emissions
  • Current Tank to Wheel legislation is challenged and Life Cycle Analysis discussed instead
  • Government incentives change rapidly and market-oriented product is required
  • New energy sources, as well as alternative and synthetic fuels adding to the complexity
  • OEMs needs to provide high-tech and cost-effective powertrain systems with maintained reliability to remain competitive

Consequently, GEELY sees the need for co-existence of electrified ICE and EV for the coming decades and have designed a modular powertrain setup to manage the complexity. The resulting hybrid powertrain family ranges from 48V MHEV, HEV to PHEV. GEELY already has all levels of electrification on the market – from MHEV to range extenders and full EV.

In our customer centric development, the transmission is rapidly becoming the centerpiece. GEELY Powertrain Research Institute has already developed the world class 7DCT family with modular electrification, and we think the future trends of Powertrain is higher levels of electrification, we are aiming to this direction in order to meet and exceed customer’s needs.

Based on the requirements of the fast growing Chinese market GEELY has developed an electrified powertrain strategy. To limit the complexity a modular approach for hybrid system including ICEs and transmissions, has been developed based on the current product platform to create solutions for all levels of electrification with optimized resource and investment.

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