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Solving tomorrow’s challenges today is no easy task!

In the next ten years, mobility will change fundamentally. There are more uncertainties in automotive markets than ever before. What road is powertrain electrification taking – and how fast is it progressing?

The challenges facing suppliers and OEMs are huge. They need to strike the right balance between customer expectations, technical possibilities and legal regulations, act with foresight, and send new impulses to the market.

CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin looks to the future
The programme of CTI SYMPOSIUM Germany will reflect these general changes. Along with the latest technical innovations, strategic considerations will also play an important role in the presentations. Forecasts, compiled with the aid of statistics and market analysis, are indispensable planning tools. Using modular, scalable concepts, stakeholders can respond flexibly to market demands – and absorb the considerable costs of electrification.

Market analyses create transparency and identify trends
What would the automotive market be without statistics and forecasts? From managers and journalists to auto fans, everyone looks forward to the latest sales figures. Which models top the charts? What are competitors succeeding with? The figures provide the answers to all this and more. At CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin, two speakers will be taking a close look at market developments in the specific field of e-mobility.Continue reading

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Modern Mobility – for goods, people and parcels

Will many roads soon be taboo for conventional diesel trucks? Will carsharing be the new normal for city dwellers who think owning a car is old-fashioned? Will non-electrified delivery services be unthinkable in five years’ time?

As we enter an age of redefined mobility, overall economic parameters are changing too. Companies now think more carefully, and longer term, before purchasing vehicles. Deep changes are appearing on the horizon. Not just for heavy-duty trucks, but in particular for Last Mile deliveries and shared mobility.

CTI SYMPOSIUM accompanies the tech transformation – from idea to investment
There will be a dedicated lecture series in Berlin on Commercial Vehicles, and we are pleased to welcome two top-notch plenary speakers on the same topic: Christian Levin (COO, TRATON) and Jörg Sommer (CEO, StreetScooter). From project phase to successful marketing, the entire process of tech transformation will be analysed and discussed in depth. The pioneer of transformation is the commercial sector, which is implementing beneficial solutions flexibly, quickly and successfully.Continue reading

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See the sporty side of electrification – with Porsche, Ferrari and other ambitious OEMs.

NEVs (New Energy Vehicles) may still be a rare sight on the roads, but there’s no doubt the future belongs to e-mobility. OEMs saw the light a long time ago, and are ramping up their activities after a warm-up phase. Among the most interesting premieres in recent months were the Porsche Taycan, Volkswagen ID.3 and Opel Corsa-e. How will these pure EVs fare in their respective segments in 2020?

Experience the competition live – at CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin
Leading manufacturers will use this CTI Symposium to present their strategic thinking and latest innovations. It’s apparent that many OEMs are determined to be front-runners in electrification too. Under the motto “Out of the niche, into the mass market”, the battle for top positions and market share has already begun.

Porsche Taycan: 761 hp and 30,000 pre-orders
We look forward to welcoming Oliver Blume, CEO Porsche AG, at CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin.Continue reading

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Interview Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Schaeffler AG

Mobility for tomorrow – an integrated view on the energy and powertrain options

Interview with Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy CEO, Schaeffler AG

The transmission world is in a phase of change. In addition to improving the classic transmission technology, new technologies have to be integrated into new types of transmissions. We spoke to Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Deputy CEO of Schaeffler AG, in Berlin.Continue reading

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