Call for papers 2023

Deadline 1 May 2023

Experts of all development areas in the field of automotive drivetrains, components like e-motors, batteries, electric/electronics, semiconductors and software but also experts in function integration, system engineering are invited to hand in a paper proposal for the CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY 2023.

How to hand in your paper proposal

Please find the details in the pdf-file.

To help us evaluate your proposal, please make your topic description as precise, clear and concise as possible. Be sure to include the objective, field of application, technology and method, and to explain the advantage over existing solutions. Don´t include common knowledge or well-known background information.

All presentation proposals will be forwarded to the program committee which will decide about the proposal acceptance.

Authors will be informed about the result during end of June 2023

If your presentation proposal is accepted, you will receive further details and style sheets for the documents together with our confirmation.

You are welcome to hand in several topic proposals.


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Sylvia ZenzingerSylvia Zenzinger
Conference Director CTI SYMPOSIA