CTI Ride & Drive


Experience the latest powertrain technologies up close at the CTI Ride & Drive parcours.

How do I book?
CTI Ride & Drive is an add-on event following the main event. To participate please select the according booking option during the registration. Please note that the number of participants is limited. Therefore, book your participation early.

What do I need?
You’ll need to show a valid driver’s license, and also sign the Waiver of Liability form we provide beforehand.

Where can I get details?
Available vehicles and details about the parcours will be announced on this website and updated until the event date.

Showcasing at the CTI Ride & Drive

Make a lasting impression on peers and potential clients – with a hands-on experience of your development work that adds a new dimension to your lecture or virtual presentation.

For automobile manufacturers, system and component suppliers, showing a dedicated vehicle at the CTI Ride & Drive parcours is the ideal way to make their vehicle tech and applications stand out.

Register a Vehicle


Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions regarding the CTI Ride & Drive.

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