Exhibitor Information 2019

Dear Exhibitors

The CTI Symposium Berlin, Germany 2019 is just around the corner.
Below you will find important information for you as exhibitor:


Set-up and Dismantling

Set-up: Monday, 9 December 2019

Convention Hall 1 and Room Europe
booth numbers beginning with #A, #B, #C, #D, #E, #H, #J, #K

All booth with at least 15sqm and more:
06.00 am – latest 6.00 pm (Set-up Group 1)

All booths with 12sqm:
10.00 am – latest 6.00 pm (Set-up Group 2)

All booth less than 12sqm:
12.00 pm – latest 6.00 pm (Set-up Group 3)

On Monday 9 December 2019 the Pre-Evening-Event of the CTI Symposium will take place at the Festival Center. Therefore all exhibitors need to finish their complete set-up until 6.00 pm. They also need to remove all goods and waste from the exhibition-area until this time.

If you should not be able to meet this time frame please get in touch with Agyeman Baffour to arrange an alternative time slot.

Dismantling: Wednesday, 11 December 2019 // After end of the symposium, 6.00 pm – 12.00 pm

Dismantling before 6:00 pm is not allowed. Please consider this when planning the return trip of your colleagues. Please remove all your goods on Wednesday as there are no storing capacities any longer.

Building Heights

Convention Hall: max. 5,00m
(Exceedances above 4,0m are only permissible with the organizer’s and the adjacent exhibitor’s explicit consent)
Exception: A02, A04, C00, D00 – max. 3,00m

Foyer 1: max 3,00m
Exception: G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G11, G13, G15, G19, G29 – max. 2,5m

Europa: max. 4,00m

Delivery and Storage

Delivery before Set-up Day
If you decide to deliver your goods before Monday 9 December, there won’t be regulated access. Please contact one of our logistic partner below to make sure no packages go astray.

BISCHOFF Event Service & Transport
Mr. Ulf Bischoff
Tel.: +49 3338 7076 372
Fax: +49 3338 7076 358
Mobile: +49 172 2665972
Mail: ulf@bischoff-est2013.de

Templates and General Information

>> handling tariff
>> logistics an forwarding
>> shipping guidelines
>> order form


Mr. Philipp Haberzettl
email : philipp.haberzettl@kuehne-nagel.com
Telefon: +49 89 949 24 431

>> Quick facts in German

>> Quick facts in English

Delivery of your goods on Monday 9 December 2019
& Pick-up of your goods on Wednesday 11 December 2019

During setup and set down trucks are only allowed on premises for loading or unloading. As soon as this purpose is completed, trucks have to leave the premises immediately. While being on site the exhibiting company and information on stand number has to be placed visible in the front window of each truck

>> Any vehicles which cannot be identified will be towed at own cost!

During setup the loading area is only accessible with a permit and a deposit in cash:

Passenger Car            1 hour loading time            100,00€

Truck                          1,5 hours loading time        100,00€
up to 20t

Truck                            2 hours loading time         100,00€
more than 20t

Please prepare to pay this deposit cash on site!

Failure to comply with the time limit will result in forfeit of the deposit fee.

On set down day gate 1 will be closed before official set down time (set down: 6.00 pm – 12.00 pm). Prior entering is not possible.
During set down the loading zone is once again only accessible with a permit and a deposit of the above mentioned amounts.

Parking of vehicles of all kinds in the immediate vicinity of the Hall, especially in the loading yard and front of the exits is prohibited for the duration of the congress.



General Plan Estrel Hotel

Parking areas (on your own cost)

The hotel owns 450 parking slots in their underground parking.

First hour of parking:          free of charge
second hour of parking     4,00€
each additional hour         1,00€
daily maximum                  18,00€

At “Sonnenallee 228” you will find more parking slots. Here is also enough space to park your trucks.


1. hour    1,50 €
2. hour    3,00 €
3. hour    4,50 €
4. hour    6,00 €
5. hour    7,50 €
6. hour    9,00 €
7. hour    10,50 €
8. – 24. hour = day fee    12,00 €

Lost ticket    12,00 €

the following day the conditions will begin clock-wise

  • payment method: Coins, bank notes, Visa-, Master- and EC-card.
  • no voice communication to the hotel.
  • you may open the barrier when talking to the front desk of Estrel Hotel and also purchase lost tickets there.


The hotel doesn’t offer facilities to store your goods. Please prepare to remove all empty cases from the hotel after the set-up.

If you need assistance in storage and delivery on site you may get in contact with Mr. Bischoff.

BISCHOFF Event Service & Transport
Mr. Ulf Bischoff
Tel.: +49 (0) 3338 7076 372
Fax: +49 (0) 3338 7076 358
Mobile: +49 (0) 172 2665972
Mail: ulf@bischoff-est2013.de

Booth Builder and Booth Equipment

Official Tradeshow Contractor/Booth Builder

SMC – Schäfer Messe-Consulting GmbH
Anka Dévény
project management
Gold-Zack-Straße 5
D-40822 Mettmann
Email : adeveny@smc-events.de
Internet : www.smc-events.de/en

Equipment (included)

The following fixtures will be provided free of charge. Please order from CTI

  • 1 banquet table
  • 2 regular chairs

We will provide 1 standard connection and 1 multiple socket free of charge for all booths.
>> Order form

Booth system from official tradeshow constructor/booth builder SMC

It is possible to rent a booth system from our local booth builder. This will be build from the booth builder and will be ready to set-up with own material at beginning of set-up.

>> Click here to order a booth system

Rental furniture

If you would like to order further booth equipment please follow this link from our booth builder SMC click here

Waste disposal/cleaning

There will be smaller waste containers within the exhibition halls and also a big container at the loading area where you can get disposed of your waste.
Each exhibitor has to remove their waste on their own, otherwise CTI won’t give stand approval after set-up.

In the evening of 9 and 10 December all hallways between the booths will be cleaned. Please be aware that cleaning of your own booth has to be organized on your own and will not be done automatically (if you ordered a booth system from SMC they will hoover your carpet before start of the pre-evening-event on 9 December 2019.

Additional services (for example additional power connection, booth cleaning, staff rental or IT services)

If you would like to order one of the above mentioned services please use the Estrel Exhibitor Online Services.

Registration and ordering begins with the following simple steps:

1. Please open https://eos.estrel.com/en/register.html. Fill in all necessary forms and finish the input by hitting the “registration” button
2. You will receive an E-Mail with a link that requires confirmation (kindly check the spam / junk folders as it could possibly land there). After confirming via the link, the registration process is complete.
3. Next, please log in via https://eos.estrel.com and enter the Event CTI_2019 to link to the specific event
4. After entering this code, orders can be placed.
5. A booking confirmation will be created manually by the person in charge at the Estrel Congress Center.

Technical guideline

Please read the Technical Guideline of the hotel for important information about maximum heights, hotel rules, fire regulations etc.
Please click here


Booth persons

The number of tickets which are included in your exhibition package depends on your individual contract. Please fill in the document accordingly to your contract and send it back to agyeman.baffour@car-training-institute.com

>> register booth persons
>> register additional booth person


The number of tickets which are included in your in exhibition package depends on your individual contract. Please fill in the document accordingly your contract and send it back to agyeman.baffour@euroforum.com

>> register delegates
>> register additional delegate ticket

General Information

Contact on site:

Michael Follmann

Kai KubitzkiKai Kubitzki

Agyeman BaffourAgyeman Baffour


Event location

Estrel Berlin
Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin
Phone +49 30 6831 0
Contact person:  Mathias Lembke

Pre-Evening Event
Festival Center, Estrel Hotel, 9 December 2019, 6.30 pm

Join our pre-evening event at the Festival Center and start networking. Have a drink and snack and get in contact with each other.

Evening event at MOTORWERK BERLIN, 10 December 2019 (evening of 1st conference day)

Detailed information regarding the evening event will be provided at a later date. We look forward to welcoming all delegates, speakers and booth persons.

Hotel reservation

The Estrel hotel has a limited number of rooms available at a reduced rate. For your hotel reservation call +49 30 6831 0 and use the keyword “CTI Symposium “.

Estrel Hotel Berlin
Sonnenallee 225
12057 Berlin
Online Reservation
Email reservation
Referenz: CTI-Symposium
More information about the hotel