Hygiene concept at Euroforum Deutschland GmbH


During the coronavirus crisis, the framework parameters for event organisers like ourselves have changed. As a responsible host, our top priority is the health of our employees, participants and partners.

The Euroforum Hygiene Concept is based on recommendations by the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live Communication (R.I.F.E.L.), and maps the standards of all federal states in which Euroforum Deutschland GmbH holds events.

During events, we take all appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus. Our aim is to ensure that conferences run safely and smoothly.
We do not exceed the maximum number of visitors permitted by respective federal states.

Our hygiene concept is part of the General Terms & Conditions of Euroforum Deutschland GmbH, and applies to participants, speakers, guests, exhibitors, sponsors, service providers and any other parties attending the events. By participating in a Euroforum event, you consent to the rules of this hygiene concept. Euroforum reserves the right to exclude anyone who violates the rules set out below.

For each event, we also develop an individual hygiene concept based on the specific requirements of the federal state concerned, as well as specific conditions on site.

Mandatory testing for all attendees

To access the event premises, you must present a certificate from a recognised test centre showing that your corona rapid test (no more than 24 hours old) came back negative.

If you got your final jab at least 14 days before the event, you can show your vaccination card / certificate and be exempted from testing. You will also be exempted if you present a PCR test showing you have recovered from a corona illness. This PCR test must be at least 28 days old, but no older than 6 months. We accept PCR test results as print or electronic documents in German, English or French. All cards, certificates and tests will be examined at check-in.

Distancing rules

During conferences, we take all appropriate measures to make sure participants can observe a minimum distance of 1.5 metres. Our seating plans ensure that seats are at least 1.5 metres apart, with sufficient space between the first row and the stage. Seats are only assigned personally in exceptional cases.

To prevent crowds and queues and support distancing, our Visitor Flow Management teams define clearly marked ‘fixed aisles’. Where possible, entrances and exits to the conference room are separated and signed accordingly.

During exhibitions, booths are placed at least 1.5 metres apart and in keeping with the exhibition plan prepared in advance.

In areas where distancing rules are not feasible – for example at the check-in or between exhibitors and their visitors – we install separators such as Perspex panels.

Mouth/nose protection (FFP2 mask)

All attendees must wear suitable mouth/nose protection at all times, except when seated or when eating or drinking. We kindly request you to bring your own appropriate masks. Euroforum will keep a contingent of disposable masks at the entrance for use as replacements.


We collect the following data from all visitors for the sole purpose of infection tracking: • First name, last name, home address, (mobile) phone number and email address.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, this data is stored securely and is made available to the health department concerned if necessary. The data is deleted or destroyed no later than 1 month after the end of the event. Articles 13, 15, 18 and 20 of the General Data Protection Regulation, pertaining to the obligation to provide information and the right to information regarding personal data, do not apply.

We will request your data on site, either in written form or digitally via QR code.
We kindly request all attendees to download and activate the Federal Government’s corona warning app.

Anyone with symptoms that suggest an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (such as high temperature or a dry cough) will be denied access to the event.


Euroforum will put up clear, appropriate signs on site showing the relevant hygiene measures and rules of conduct (including when coughing or sneezing). Visitors’ attention will also be drawn to the hygiene concept verbally during check-in, and again at the start of the conference.

General hygiene measures on site:

Euroforum will ensure that sufficient hand sanitiser dispensers and hand-washing facilities are available. All door handles, handrails, surfaces and contact areas will be cleaned at regular intervals. These intervals will be defined in a plan developed with the location manager, who also ensures sufficient ventilation.

Hygiene officer

For each event, a Euroforum Deutschland GmbH employee is appointed as hygiene officer and tasked with monitoring on-site adherence to all measures described in the hygiene concept. All employees are trained in advance in key aspects of hygiene.
On site, every employee is obligated to wear mouth/nose protection at all times.
Every employee is authorised to point out any failure to adhere to this hygiene concept, and to enforce site regulations where appropriate.

Check-in and access to the venue

Wherever possible, registrations at the check-in are contact-free. Separator panels ensure that visitors and staff can observe distancing requirements.

Venue access, capacity control and navigation procedures include but are not limited to the following:

  • Queuing in compliance with the minimum spacing rule of 1.5m.
  • Clear signposts, multiple entrances and exits to/from the venue where possible.
  • Everyone must be pre-registered to minimise queuing. Self-registration on site is not possible.
  • Mandatory use of face masks when entering the venue at all times, unless seated to consume food and drinks.
  • Walkways, wider aisles and signposted traffic management at the event; information and directional signs throughout the venue.

CTI will limit the number of on-site attendees within the venue to ensure that a minimum distance of 1.5 people can be maintained at all times.

Info: Entering Germany from abroad

It is your responsibility to check the entry requirements for Germany from your place of departure at the time of travel – these can be viewed on the Federal Foreign Office website and are regularly updated to reflect the latest government guidelines and restrictions.

Catering, technology

The catering during the event will be provided in coordination with those responsible for the event location, in such a way that spacing rules and hygiene rules can be adhered to. This hygiene concept forms part of collaboration with all service providers and partners, and Euroforum monitors adherence to it.

Information on expo health & safety protocols