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HOERBIGER innovative solutions for electric drive trains

Your reliable system and component supplier for future mobility From development to production of innovative components and complete systems for conventional and alternative powertrains – HOERBIGER offers you everything from a single source. The portfolio for electrified drive trains includes transmission synchronizers and innovative shift elements for coupling and decoupling as well as components and […]

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Ajedium™ PEEK Slot Liner Enables 800V eMotor Downsizing & Weight Reduction

DeeDee Smith, Luigi Marino, Brian Baleno Solvay Materials A significant challenge for eMotor 800 Volt designers is to design smaller and more compact eMotors. Successfully doing so allows for the potential to reduce the mass of both the eMotor and battery pack. A new slot liner material, Ajedium™ PEEK films, gives engineers the design freedom […]

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Full Car Computer could be a reality by 2027

As electrification progresses, in-vehicle hardware and software architectures will evolve from distributed electronics to a “full car computer and zonal” model. We spoke with Patrick Leteinturier, Fellow Automotive Systems, Infineon Technologies, about these new architectures, new semiconductor materials, and the central role of “motion control”.

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Electric Drive Module (EDM) with eLocker

JJE’s New 300kW SiC EDM with the World’s First Bi-stable Electromagnetic Locker The development of the electric drive module continues to trend towards higher performance, power and efficiency with improved NVH characteristics all while integrating functional features such as differential lockers and disconnects. Jing-Jin Electric (JJE) is bringing this functionality matching the various requirements in […]

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E-Motor Efficiency and Lower Costs are Stacked in Your Favor

glulock® – A unique in-tool bonding technology for e-laminations in motor stacks Motor-cores have been build by mechanically interlocking individual motor laminations for decades. With materials in laminations for e-motor cores becoming thinner and thinner and increased efficiencies of electrified propulsion systems this process of mechanically interlocking the „stacks“ has become more and more difficult […]

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Efficient Turnkey Machining of Complex e-Drive Components

Perfect E-Shaft with Integrated Production Solution For the transmissions of electric vehicles to develop the desired high torque under all driving conditions, a very large gear ratio is needed, which requires high speeds. And to ensure sufficient momentum at all speeds and enable the driver to accelerate without shifting gears, the electric drive has to […]

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NVH Testing as the Key to Successful e-Drives

E-mobility gives rise to new challenges in drivetrain testing Vehicle acoustics are essential for driving comfort and safety New approaches to NVH testing from ATESTEO, the drivetrain testing market leader Throughout the world, including since recently at its new testing location in East Lansing, Michigan, the leading drivetrain testing specialist ATESTEO demonstrates how OEMs and […]

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Suitable Battery Models for Different Applications

Mareike Schmalz, Manager Battery Advanced Development, APL in Landau, GermanyMorten Kronsted, Manager Design and Simulation, APL in Landau, GermayDr. Marcus Gohl, Senior Manager Advanced Development, APL in Landau, Germany The rapid transformation to climate-neutral mobility is only possible through accelerated design processes with increasing front-loathing. This gives simulation ever greater importance as an essential development […]

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