Abstract: Trans:Mission Performance – the All-News 8DCL900 High-End Dual Clutch Transmission by Magna

While the segment of super sports cars may be a small one, the development of transmissions for them holds great potentials for outstanding and innovative solutions. In cooperation with Ferrari, Magna Transmission Systems has developed the new 8-speed 8DCL900 dual-clutch transmission for a new generation of high-performance engines.Continue reading

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Abstract: Path to plug in e-propulsion with balanced, scalable and sustainable products

How we propel our current and future vehicles is going through evolutionary and in some cases revolutionary transformations. Due to stringent efficiency and emission regulations in addition to the shift to gasoline and growth of SUVs worldwide, hybrids are finally coming to market at very high penetration rates. Although most of the OEMs see the future in full BEVs, in order the meet the short/mid-term regulatory requirements, hybrids are becoming the mainstream solution in the next decade. Continue reading

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Abstract: Sports car powertrains of the future

Electrification, digitalisation, connectivity – those are the three big future trends that are radically changing mobility. But what exactly does this mean for the automotive industry? And specifically for a sports car manufacturer such as Porsche? With which drive concepts can the appeal of a sports car be carried forwards into the age of electromobility?Continue reading

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Abstract: Electrified powertrain strategy from Geely’s perspective

The automotive future is indeterminate:

  • Ever more stringent legislations for local emissions and global CO2 emissions
  • Current Tank to Wheel legislation is challenged and Life Cycle Analysis discussed instead
  • Government incentives change rapidly and market-oriented product is required
  • New energy sources, as well as alternative and synthetic fuels adding to the complexity
  • OEMs needs to provide high-tech and cost-effective powertrain systems with maintained reliability to remain competitive

Continue reading

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Solving tomorrow’s challenges today is no easy task!

In the next ten years, mobility will change fundamentally. There are more uncertainties in automotive markets than ever before. What road is powertrain electrification taking – and how fast is it progressing?

The challenges facing suppliers and OEMs are huge. They need to strike the right balance between customer expectations, technical possibilities and legal regulations, act with foresight, and send new impulses to the market.

CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin looks to the future
The programme of CTI SYMPOSIUM Germany will reflect these general changes. Along with the latest technical innovations, strategic considerations will also play an important role in the presentations. Forecasts, compiled with the aid of statistics and market analysis, are indispensable planning tools. Using modular, scalable concepts, stakeholders can respond flexibly to market demands – and absorb the considerable costs of electrification.

Market analyses create transparency and identify trends
What would the automotive market be without statistics and forecasts? From managers and journalists to auto fans, everyone looks forward to the latest sales figures. Which models top the charts? What are competitors succeeding with? The figures provide the answers to all this and more. At CTI SYMPOSIUM Berlin, two speakers will be taking a close look at market developments in the specific field of e-mobility.Continue reading

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