Sports car powertrains of the future

Dr Oliver BlumeDr Oliver Blume
Chairman of the Executive Board Porsche AG
Dr Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Germany

Electrified powertrain strategy from Geely perspective

Ruiping WangRuiping Wang
Vice President Geely Auto Group
Zhejiang Geely Auto Group

E-mobility for all – the concept behind

Frank BekemeierFrank Bekemeier
Chief Technology Officer e-Mobility
Volkswagen AG

Customer in focus: optimising TCO and technology shifts at the same time

Christian LevinChristian Levin

Not just a truck: rethinking the last mile delivery business

Jörg SommerJörg Sommer

Battery cell technology for automotive applications: state of the art and possible future

Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr Martin WinterProf. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr Martin Winter
Scientific Director
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Future trends on battery systems – ready for the next generation

Dr Holger Manz

Dr Holger Manz
Head of Energy Management and High Voltage Systems
Electric / Electronic Development
Volkswagen AG, Germany

Automotive industry undergoes the most significant change ever – impacts to powertrain and vehicle design

Stephan Rebhan

Stephan Rebhan
Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation
Vitesco Technologies GmbH (Continental), Germany

Path to plug-in e-propulsion with balanced, scaleable and sustainable products

Hakan Yilmaz,Hakan Yilmaz

Trans:Mission Performance – the all-new Ferrari 8DCL900 high-end dual clutch transmission by Magna

Dr Jörg Gindele Francesco Strati,

Dr Jörg Gindele, Senior Director Engineering, Transmission Systems, Magna Powertrain
Francesco Strati, 8DCL Project Manager, Ferrari S.p.A.





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