Post Show Reports

Event Report 20th CTI Symposium Germany

Do we need plug-in hybrids, or are they an interim solution at best? At the 20th CTI Symposium „Automotive Drivetrains Intelligent Electrified“, that was just one of the topics up for lively and controversial discussion. One important factor here will be which ‘green’ energy sources will be available at all.

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Follow-up report on the 15th CTI SYMPOSIUM 2016 in Berlin

The CTI SYMPOSIUM celebrated its 15th anniversary with a brilliant programme. In addition to ten top class plenary presentations, the participants could choose between 89 presentations in 16 different sessions, from traditional powertrain topics to e-mobility. The fringe programme included the well-attended
Networking Night on the first evening as well as Test Drives with current production and demonstrator cars. Furthermore, the Young Drive Experts Award was awarded to junior scientists in the field of transmissions.
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