Review of the 15th CTI transmission symposium 2016

Review of the 15th CTI transmission symposium 2016

This is how the CTI Symposium celebrated its 15th birthday!

For the 15th time the international CTI Symposium took place. Berlin was the point of interest for automotive drivetrain experts from all over the world. Over 100 VIP speakers, 135 exhibitors and more than 1300 participants the CTI Symposium is second to none.

While in the past the automotive industry and its suppliers still struggled to determine a master plan on how and when the e-mobility will become significant and if it ever might substitute the internal combustion engine technology on a global scale, this year’s CTI Symposium clearly was considered as the turning point. Almost every presentation and every discussion was about electrification. There was no doubt about it. The drivetrain industry is on its way to e-mobility.

On stage there was no other topic. How, when and to which extent will e-mobility influence the automotive industry? Who will be the winners and losers of this global trend? And there was also room for critics and not everyone is convinced that the electric future means the end for conventional vehicle propulsion. In parallel sessions more than 100 prominent speakers from all around the globe talked about their technologies, future plans and ideas for car manufacturers, suppliers and researchers became visible in a nutshell. The message is clear: The electric future still needs to be shaped to make it a bright one.

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