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The automotive industry is currently on the path towards an era of zero-emission mobility. In this transformation many manufacturers are planning to only offer electric vehicles in leading markets within 10 to 15 years. In addition, stricter emission legislations in combination with upcoming ICE bans for passenger cars, as for example planned in the European Union in 2035, pave the way for electric mobility and BEVs. In addition to choosing the right powertrain technologies, decisive factors such as infrastructure, recycling in the sense of CtG and profitability without incentives need to be discussed.

In particular, the question of zero-emission mobility is not only a question of the drive concept, but also a question of the energy carrier, which must include green electricity. Hybrids with eFuels and Fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen are still options for commercial vehicles and markets without ICE bans if the energy carrier based on green electricity.

With the upcoming legislation regarding CO2-emissions, the automotive industry is under a lot of pressure to find the right technology mix to keep pace in the accelerated transformation process towards electric and carbon neutral mobility.

Our Symposium will address all these challenges in multiple plenary and session presentations as well as in two panel discussions on “The right technology mix until 2035 and beyond” and “The interaction between drivetrain technology and social responsibility in the supply chain”.

We look forward to your participation in the 21st CTI Symposium Germany 2022 with the accompanying transmission expo in Berlin, where we will gain insights into the future path of the drivetrain world, together with industry leading experts.

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Prof. Dr Ferit KüçükayProf. Dr Ferit Küçükay
Chairman of the Symposium