Programme 2021

All presentations will be held in English.

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30 November 202107:00

Opening of the Check-In

30 November 202107:30

Opening of the Expo

Plenary Speeches

30 November 202108:45PLENARY SPEECH

20 Years CTI – Transmission Improvement by Architecture and Components

  • Analysis of the fuel consumption improvements due to new transmission architectures
  • Impact of component optimization on transmission efficiency
  • Comparison of the fuel consumption improvement by architecture and components
30 November 202109:15PLENARY SPEECH

E-mobility accelerated – Trends and dynamics of the drivetrain transformation

  • Overview on EV-market developments
  • Success factors within the transformation to e-mobility
  • Current projects at ZF related to success factors
  • Relevance of TIER 1 for transformation of industry
30 November 202109:45PLENARY SPEECH

Outlook 2030 - How decarbonisation and emission regulations affect VW's powertrain portfolio

  • Powertrain portfolio
  • Emission reduction
  • Decarbonisation strategies
30 November 202110:15PLENARY SPEECH

Mercedes-Benz roadmap to meet CO2 ambition in 2039

  • Hybrid Drivetrain
  • Scalable 9-speed hybrid transmission
  • Electric drivetrain
  • Mercedes-Benz drive unit
30 November 202110:45

Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

30 November 202112:15

Lunch break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

Technical Sessions

30 November 202114:15

Technical Sessions

  • HEV Drives and Transmissions
    Development of Smartstream wet 8-speed DCT
    • Wet dual clutch transmission
    • Smartstream Powertrain
    • S/W logic and calibration with N-mode features
    • High torque transmission efficiency

    Carsten Lövenich, Team Leader, Hyundai Motor Company, Germany

    Technologies setting a new benchmark for efficient PHEV solutions
    • Requirements for future PHEV technology to reduce real-life CO2 emissions
    • Benefits of advanced predictive powertrain strategies and connected services
    • New DHT approach with regards to transmission architecture and increased electric range
    • Specific CO2 reduction results obtained with a B-segment technology demonstrator

    Harald Naunheimer, Senior Vice President, MPT Engineering, Magna Powertrain, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    New CVT solutions for the diversified powertrain future
    • Efficiency improvements for both combustion engines and electric motors
    • CVT contribution to the acceptance of autonomous driving
    • Pushbelt advancements for higher torque applications
    • E-CVT powertrain for various vehicle segments
    • EV demo-car application

    Gert-Jan Van Spijk, Transmission Development Director, Marketing, Transmission Engineering Department, Bosch Transmission Technology B.V., The Netherlands

    Development of a new Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) family for C class and larger cars & SUVs
    • Development objectives
    • Description of the concept
    • Development process
    • Compliance to major requirements

    Xiaozhe (Joe) Lin, Vice-President, GEELY Powertrain Research Institution, China

    Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT): market trends, architecture analysis and concept proposal
    • Advanced engineering study about a DHT for front-transverse powertrain
    • Modular DHT architecture for B and C segment vehicles
    • Current market trends & optimized DHT architectures

    Christophe Laurens, Special Vehicle Application & Advance R&D Deputy Director R&D, Valeo, France

  • E-Drives & eAWD
    New 100kW eAxle for worldwide applications

    Philippe Hamon, CTO, Valeo Siemens eAutomotive GmbH, Germany

    Efficiency optimisation of EV transmission utilising chain drive technology
    • BEV transmission ratio reduction: chain vs gear efficiency
    • Optimised location of chain and gear drives in multi-stage reduction
    • Simulation and test results of chain vs gear efficiency
    • Proof of technology through evaluation of demo vehicles

    Joseph Goodsell, Senior Engineering Manager Chain Product Engineering, BorgWarner, USA

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    2-Speed e-AWD: benefits and gear changing strategy for high system performance
    • Development of dog clutch system for rear axle for enhanced vehicle performance
    • Torque management for high performance

    Antoine Vignon, Strategist for Hybrid Powertrain & Transmissions, Renault SA, France

    The EtelligentReach project – Benchmark for range and dynamics
    • All-wheel-drive system next-gen eDrive technology
    • More driving dynamics – less energy consumption
    • Decoupling+ strategy: another option for more electric range
    • Magna’s technology kit: SiC and other options

    Daniel Held, Engineer Concept Vehicles eDS, Magna Powertrain, Austria

    "Multi Counter Coaxial Reducer" development for compact and efficient e-Axle
    • Further development of the new reduction gearbox “Multi Counter Coaxial Reducer”
    • 3D tooth modification including gear skiving and grinding machining technologies
    • Requirement for the 2ndly drive e-Axle as a part of E-AWD system

    Junji Ando, President, JTEKT Torsen Europe S.A, Belgium

  • Market and Strategy
    Zero-carbon transport technologies

    Patrick Schaufuss, Partner, McKinsey, Germany

    Leading a fast transition to electric mobility
    • Market development of electrified drives vehicles – expected steep growth curve
    • Increasing regulatory pressure worldwide – arising demand from car buyers
    • Various forms of electrification and voltage levels require high scalability and modularity

    Thomas Stierle, Executive Vice President Electrification Technology, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    E-axle components outlook 2030+

    Technology and supply chain dynamics for the increased adoption of integrated e-drive solutions

    • Global and regional market demand for alternative propulsion vehicles
    • Technology trends for e-axle components (transmissions, motors, and inverters)
    • Supply-chain trends for e-axle components

    Claudio Vittori, Senior Research Analyst, IHS Markit, Italy
    Abdul Saboor Imran, Senior Analyst Research & Analysis, Automotive, EMEA Powertrain & Compliance, IHS Markit, Germany

    Analysis of propulsion system architectures across vehicle segments and markets
    • Simulation tool to analyse drivetrain topologies
    • Impact of different levels of electrification
    • Results for different vehicle segments and markets

    Daniel Gajowski, Simulation Engineer, BorgWarner Ludwigsburg GmbH, Germany

    48V Road Map from Hybrid to city BEV mobility
    • Market trends
    • Wave 1: CO2 Targets
    • Wave 2: fun to drive
    • Wave 3: city cars BEV 48V

    Paul Amiroli, System Platform Director, Valeo Powertrain Electrical Systems, France

  • Shift Elements
    New friction material and clutch development to improve efficiency for HEV and EV application
    • New friction materials for HEV and EV application
    • Clutch dystem for HEV and EV application
    • In-wheel motor development

     Makoto Sano, Team Leader, Dynax Corporation, Japan

    Flexible electro-hydraulic actuation systems for multi-speed electrified drivetrains
    • Requirements for actuation systems electrified drivetrains
    • Presentation of newly developend flexible electro-hydraulic concept
    • Highly efficient actuation of shift elements by high and low pressure systems

    Alexander Nees, Supervisor Application Engineering Hydraulic Controls, BorgWarner, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Adavantages of seamless 2-speed e-axle integrated with torque sensor and multifunctional shifting device
    • Introduction of our seamless 2-speed e-axle concept
    • Proposal of seamless shifting method with torque sensor
    • Functionality of a developed electric shifting device
    • System validation with an electric shift actuator for electrified powertrain

    Dr. Jens Doerner, Technology Scouting Manager, NSK DEUTSCHLAND GMBH, Germany

    Integrated transmission control unit (iTCU) with comprehensive overmolding technology
    • Thermoset molding for highly efficient and robust electronics
    • Molding as enabler for up-integrated electrified powertrains
    • Advances in drivetrain electronics

    Dr Martin Steinau, Expert Overmolding Concepts and Materials for Drivetrain Electronics, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

    Balancing safety and customer requirements through modular shift by wire actuator design
    • Modular safety design at the component level
    • Protecting for future cyber security mandated requirements
    • Modular implementation allows portfolio to meet needs

    Hugues Derouet, Global System Engineering, Dura Automotive Systems, France

  • Oils & Lubrication
    Sustainable EV fluids to enable a lower carbon future
    • Sustainable driveline & EV fluids
    • Next generation EV Fluids with low carbon impact
    • Castrol ON fluids for electric vehicles

    Dr Thomas Hellwig, Lead Development Technologist, BP / Castrol, Germany

    20% EDU performance improvement through disruptive cooling methods
    • Highly integrated EDU by innovative oil cooling methods for e-motor and power electronics
    • Comparison of new and conventional cooling methods methods in performance, weight, packaging and cost
    • 10-20% performance improvement of e-motor through disruptive cooling methods for the inverter

    Dragica Kostic-Perovic, Chief Engineer, Power Electronics Machines & Drives, Ricardo, UK

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Latest generation dielectric thermal management fluids for direct and immersion cooling: Battery packs, traction motors and power electronics
    • Thermal management of battery packs
    • Direct traction motor and power electronics cooling

    Dr Jasmin Schießl-Kerbeck, R&D – E-Mobility, Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH, Germany

    Polymeric additives as an optimum solution for performance and compatibility challenges in e-drive fluid design
    • High voltage components compatibility
    • Gear box efficiency and thermal management
    • Durability and aging stability

    Dr Dmitriy Shakhvorostov, New Mobility Manager, Evonik Operations GmbH, Germany

    Lubricant performance under high pressure high shear conditions for e-mobility applications
    • Lubricant strains inside different machine components
    • Presentation of high pressure, high shear viscometer
    • Viscosity measurement of innovative e-mobility lubricant

    Lukas Mebus, Research Associate, Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

  • Development Methods & Tools
    Accelerate HEV and PHEV calibration
    • A new approach for driving strategy assessment
    • Objective driving strategy assessment
      • Key criteria of the electrified powertrain
      • Paving the road to virtual calibration

    Alexander Pichler, Project Leader Software, AVL GmbH, Austria

    Usage of virtual calibration within powertrain development projects
    • Powertrain calibration
    • Powertrain-in-the-loop approach
    • Process driven
    • Time and cost effective

    Ralph Fleuren, Product Manager, FEV Europe GmbH, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    The development of gear NV simulator to give low NV gears
    • Development of the gear NV simulator
    • Skiving and grinding process
    • Relationships between the roughness pattern and NV

    Tomohiko Haruyama, JTEKT TORSEN EUROPE SA, Belgium

    AI-based virtual sensors platform for development fleets
    • Measure more with virtual sensors
    • Digital twins’ platform for development fleets
    • Cost reduction of development fleets with virtual sensors

    Rafael Fietzek, Co-Founder – Executive Director, COMPREDICT GmbH, Germany

    An innovative measurement method for e-drive clutches creates new possibilities in efficiency and performance

    Prof. Dr Hannes Hick, Head of Insitute for Machine Components and Methods of Development, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Technical Sessions Day 1
30 November 202117:30

End of lecture programme

30 November 202118:00

Start of Networking Evening in the Exhibition

30 November 202121:00

End of Networking Evening

1 December 202107:30

Opening of the Check-In and Expo

1 December 202108:30

Opening by the Chairman and CTI

Plenary Speeches

1 December 202108:45PLENARY SPEECH

Digital and electric - En route to the climate neutral mobility of the future

1 December 202109:15PLENARY SPEECH

KINTO: One-stop shop mobility solution

  • Toyota´s dedicated mobility brand
  • Several mobility services under one roof to deliver `Even better mobility for all`
  • Transition of traditional Toyota retailers into mobility service providers
1 December 202109:45

Short break

1 December 202110:00PLENARY SPEECH

Accelerating the zero-carbon revolution in global mobility

  • BP Energy outlook 2020: energy vectors in future transport
  • Responding to customer needs to accelerate electrification
  • Pathways to hydrogen for commercial vehicles
1 December 202110:30PLENARY SPEECH

The Chinese hydrogen & fuel cell vehicle demonstration program

  • Latest Chinese policy to promote the development of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle
  • Strategy and roadmap of Chinese demonstration cities
  • Current status and future development of fuel cell vehicle technology in China
1 December 202111:00PLENARY SPEECH

World first mass production FCEV HDT – Technologies and operating status

  • Why FCEV for future?
  • FCEV technologies on HDT and performance
  • Hyundai FCEV HDT in Switzerland
1 December 202111:30

Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

1 December 202113:00

Lunch break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

Technical Sessions

1 December 202115:00

Technical Sessions

  • E-Drives
    Highly integrated ultra-compact e-drive unit
    • GKN’s new 3-in-1 e-drive system
    • Industry first combination of park by wire and fast actuation, high speed disconnect
    • Unique design solutions and systems integration with world class safety, efficiency, and power density

    Thomas Pullen, Chief Engineer GKN ePowertrain, GKN Driveline International GmbH, Germany

    Innovative integrated drive axle
    • Compact axle for e-mobility
    • E-machine nested in gear arrangements
    • Just spur gears for the base functionalities
    • Diff-lock, disconnect and torque vectoring options

    Dr Burkhard Pollak, Managing Director, pi-3 GmbH, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    2-speed e-axle
    • Highly efficient
    • Shift-able under load
    • 800V high-speed e-motor

    Christian Schmidt, Project Manager Design, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Development of dual motor multi-mode e-axle
    • Powertrain efficiency improvement by multi driving mode
    • Good drivability by smooth mode shifting
    • Flexible applicability with compact package

    Master Kotaro Hirano, Engineer, Univance Co., Ltd, Japan

  • E-Drive Components
    High speed induction motor
    • 250 kW, 30.000/min IM for passenger cars
    • High power density
    • Die cast copper rotor

    Prof. Dr Martin Doppelbauer, Chair Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

    Flexible rotor components for better cost and system efficiency of electric drives
    • 3-piece rotor shaft w. flexible polygon shaped middle part for reliable, spring loaded press fit
    • Spring loaded balancing discs and innovative magnet fixation without glueing
    • Setup of an demonstrator rotor and validation in a series drive
    • Test bench results of e-maschine performance and range on WLTP drive cycle

    Dr Jörgen Schulz, Managing Director, Muhr und Bender KG, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Electric drive design by automatic optimisation
    • E-motor design optimisation by design of experiments
    • Modular and scalable design approach
    • New 70kW to 350kW e-drive platform

    Karel Vergote, Global Technology and Innovation Leader, Punch Powertrain, Belgium

    SiC/GaN drives the high voltage architecture evolution for future 400V and 800V platforms
    • Cost gap closes between 400V and 800V
    • Wide-bandgap devices enable new topologies
    • HV architecture evaluation: efficiency, cost, integration
    • Cost versus efficiency: what pays off?

    Dr Philip Brockerhoff, Head of High Voltage Systems and Modules, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

  • Commercial Drives
    New efficient electric solutions for the transport of goods
    • eTransport and ePower: recent real-world solutions for emission free on-road transport of goods
    • New electrified vehicle with state-of-the-art comfort, safety functions, warranty and service
    • Thermo King and BPW cooperation for emission free cooling trailers

    Dr Markus G. Kliffken, Member of the Executive Board Technical Development, BPW Bergische Achsen KG, Germany

    IAV’s new e-drive for electric CV powertrains
    • Market requirements for electric CV’s
    • Package vs. functionality
    • Identification of optimal powertrain settings for various eCV´s
    • E-drive concept for electric CV powertrains

    Rico Resch, Project manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    High-performance heavy-duty electric drive system
    • Conception of heavy-duty electric drive systems
    • Requirement development by application of road load data for optimised design
    • Structure optimisation for power density and shift performance
    • Design verification and validation

    Joachim Trumpff, Vice General Manager, GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH, Germany

    Shifting mobility with fuel cell technology: Use case heavy duty truck
    • Hyundai fuel cell technology and history
    • Applications: passenger cars, bus, generator
    • Fuel cell heavy duty truck: characteristics, components
    • Use case Switzerland: status and customer feedback

    Nabil Nachi, Head of Commercial Vehicle Department, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH, Germany

  • Energy Storage
    The next Battery Generation - review and outlook
    • overall situation on electrification
    • review and outlook on battery Systems
    • New requirements
    • integration concepts cell to pack and cell to car

    Dr Holger Manz, Head of Energy Management and High Voltage Systems Electric / Electronic Development, Volkswagen AG

    Battery development of highly integrated cell-to-pack systems using new, in-depth analysis
    • Cell analysis regarding aging mechanisms and gas buildup
    • Integration of new battery technologies into cell-to-pack/cell-to-structure systems
    • Operating strategies in battery management in coordination with cell chemistry and cell integration

    Mareike Schmalz, Team Leader Battery Pre-Development, APL GmbH, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    FLEXcooler® - Unique liquid cooling for cell to pack designs
    • Liquid cooling of xEV batteries without thermal interface materials
    • High gravimetric and volumentric energy denisty in a cell 2pack design
    • Flexible heat echanger as enabler for high sustainability and recycling

    Florian Wiedrich, Sales & Business Development Manager, Miba eMobility GmbH, Austria

    Ultra-high-power Energy Storage system for electrified vehicles
    • Flywheel energy storage
    • Kinetic energy recovery
    • Hybrid energy storage

    Tobias Knichel, Managing Director, PUNCH Flybrid, United Kingdom

  • Operation Strategy, Software & AI
    Multi-objective optimisation of the energy management for a parallel PHEV
    • Multi-objective equivalent consumption minimisation strategy
    • Dependency of load point shift and optimal gear selection
    • Energy-based debounce of mode change frequency

    Carsten Trautmann, PhD Student, Volkswagen AG, Germany

    Generalised approach to develop predictive hybrid control utilising connectivity ad route preview
    • Predictive hybrid powertrain control
    • Connected powertrain and route preview
    • Optimisation of powertrain control

    Gerald Teuschl, Product Manager Electrified Powertrain, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Make BEV and HEV drivetrains benefit from AI: From understanding to mastering of AI development
    • Development of complex functionality in domains with little domain knowledge
    • BEV and HEV drivetrains: A promising field of AI application
    • Understanding the impact of the right data on development results
    • Deep regression test and data collection scheme to significantly speed up BEV and HEV drivetrain development

    Dr Ulrich Bodenhausen, Consulting Manager, Vector Consulting Services GmbH, Germany

    Quality evaluations of AI modules in cars
    • Key AI quality dimensions to consider
    • How to measure AI quality algorithmically
    • Why AI quality evaluations are important

    Florens Greßner, CTO, neurocat GmbH, Germany

  • Emissions
    Towards a harmonised transport specific Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
    • The 2Zero research and innovation agenda on LCA and circular economy
    • Challenges and potentials of a single European harmonised LCA approach
    • Assessing the ecological footprint of vehicles within the transport system

    Prof. Dr Thilo Bein, Head of Knowledge Management, Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability (LBF), Germany

    Life Cycle impact on future powertrain mix
    • Objective comparison of hydrogen-, electric-, fossil- and synfuel-powertrains
    • Life Cycle Assessment of all powertrain types and energy/fuel production
    • Impact of life cycle footprint on powertrain mix scenarios on fleet level
    • Potential of life cycle optimization beside consumption, costs and TCO

    Dr Christoph Danzer, Team Manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Real-world emissions performance of PHEV vehicles
    • Approach to emissions and state of charge measurement
    • Impact of battery size and range when the vehicle is not charged
    • When the vehicle is not charged, what are acceptable levels real-world CO2?

    Nick Molden, Founder & CEO, Emissions Analytics, United Kingdom

    Carbon footprint reduction potentials of the electric motor value chain
    • CO2-footprint
    • CO2-lifecycle analysis
    • Sustainability of electric motors

    Johannes Flemming, Senior Consultant, P3 automotive GmbH, Germany

Technical Sessions Day 2
1 December 202117:45

Summary of the 20th CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY by the Chairman

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Chair: Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Director, Center for Automotive Engineering
Innovationsgesellschaft Technische Universität Braunschweig mbH


Sylvia Zenzinger

Conference Director

Prof. Dr Robert Fischer

Prof. Dr Robert Fischer

Chief Technology Officer, Engineering, AVL List GmbH

Dr. Otmar Scharrer

Dr. Otmar Scharrer

Senior Vice President Research & Development Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany

Dr Karsten Bennewitz

Dr Karsten Bennewitz

Head of Powertrain and Energy System Development, Volkswagen AG, Germany

Konstantin Neiß

Konstantin Neiß

Director R&D Transmissions & eDrives, Daimler AG, Germany

Ulrich Walter

Ulrich Walter


Stefan Fuchss

Stefan Fuchss

Director ICE, Fuel Cell and xEV Drives, Jaguar Land Rover, UK

Thomas Stierle

Thomas Stierle

Executive Vice President Electrification Technology, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

Hildegard Müller

Hildegard Müller

President, Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA), Germany

Miguel Fonseca

Miguel Fonseca

CEO, KINTO Europe GmbH

Alexander Junge

Alexander Junge

Member of the Board and Electrification Director, Aral AG, Germany

Prof. Dr Tong Zhang

Prof. Dr Tong Zhang

Director of Institute of Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology, Tongji University, China

Martin Zeilinger

Martin Zeilinger

Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Vehicle Development, Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea

Nabil Nachi

Nabil Nachi

Head of Commercial Vehicle Department, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH, Germany

Timothy D´Herde

Timothy D´Herde

Head of Powertrain R&D, Toyota Motor Europe, Belgium