Main Programme 2022



6 DECEMBER 202207:00

Check-in and opening of the exhibition

Plenary speeches

6 DECEMBER 202208:45

Toyota’s approach towards carbon neutrality

  • Electrified platforms (BEV, FCEV, HEV, PHEV, …)
  • Electrified drivetrains and electrification components
  • Multipath roadmap
6 DECEMBER 202209:10

Semiconductor is a key for the future smart and green mobility

  • Managing the fast ramp-up for green mobility
  • New car electric electronic architecture
  • Dependable electronic challenges
  • Semiconductor innovations
6 DECEMBER 202209:35

GEELY's strategy and practice in powertrain electrification

  • China auto market
  • Technology trends in China
  • GEELY powertrain strategy and practice
6 DECEMBER 202210:00

Joint Q&A with the plenary speakers

6 DECEMBER 202210:15

Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

6 DECEMBER 202211:45 - 01:15

Lunch break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

6 DECEMBER 202212:45

Presentations during lunch break

Session A:
Tremec gen1 EDU: double the power!
  • 500+ kW rear EDU with torque vectoring
  • Packaging two motors in the space of one
  • Latest inverter and motor technology developed for series production
  • Tremec’s real-time integrated development environment accelerates the development

Jannick De Landtsheere, Chief Engineer Advanced Products, Tremec, Belgium

Session D:
Novel multi-functional clutch technology for EV drivetrain disconnects
  • Evolution of AWD disconnects and the transition to EV drivetrains
  • Challenges and needs for next generation EV drivetrain systems
  • Controllable disconnect system with bi-directional one-way-clutch functionality
  • New multi-functional clutch technology for disconnect and multi-speed shifting

John Jennings, Director of EV Drivetrain Systems, Amsted Automotive, USA

Session E:
Water-based lubricant as a new pathway for electric vehicle lubrication
  • How to make fluids for electric vehicles more eco-friendly?

Hakim El-Bahi, R. & D. Manager, TotalEnergies OneTech, France

Session F:
From electric motor to full vehicle NVH – a vibro-acoustic study comparing structure-borne & airborne noise

Cyril de Walque, Senior Application Engineer, Hexagon, Belgium and Riza Jamaluddin, System Dynamics, Specialist, Hexagon, UK

6 DECEMBER 202201:15


  • E-Drives
    High-performance, efficient and sustainable electric propulsion system development: the Polestar way
    • Propulsion system design and optimisation
    • Sustainability aspects of propulsion system design
    • Application of genetic algorithm in design optimisation
    • Electrical machine design and optimisation for BEVs

    Dr Shafigh Nategh, Senior Principal Engineer, Polestar Performance AB, Sweden

    Development of electric powertrain and battery for new BEV
    • High efficiency and good NVH performance
    • Compact powertrain
    • Good battery chargeability

    Kenichiro Gunji, Senior Chief Powertrain Engineer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan

    Challenges in the development of an axle drive platform in a disruptive environment

    Examples of broaden technologies in axle drives

    • Advanced cooling methods
    • Magnet free machines
    • Extension of 400 V to 800 V voltage level

    Hilko Hakvoort, Head of Product Line High Voltage Drives and Gunter Muehlberg, Head of Product Management, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Secondary e-drives – a system comparison of ASM and PSM solutions
    • Secondary e-drives – New requirements for electrified vehicles
    • Detailed characteristics comparison of a solution with ASM and an e-drive with PSM and decoupling unit
    • Assessment and matching with vehicle requirements on a system level

    Daniel Lindvai-Soons, Senior Manager, Product Management, Magna Powertrain, Austria

    Modular EDU family – combining efficiency and flexibility
    • Modular family of electric drive units
    • High efficiency electric drive unit for BEV
    • Modular approach of electric machine power differentiation
    • Novel approach to modular inverter development

    Dr Hakan Sandquist, Director Propulsion Hardware and System, InfiMotion Technology Europe AB, Sweden

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  • E-Motors & Power Electronics
    New concept of switching cell for 800V SiC inverter in e-axle application
    • Fast demand for SiC and 800V in high voltage systems for EV
    • Highly competitive and scalable concept for inverters
    • New concept of switching cell for the next generation of 800V SiC inverter
    • New inverter generation as part of the next 800V e-axle

    Philippe Hamon, Valeo Powertrain Electrified Mobility R&D and Product Marketing Director, Valeo eAutomotive, Germany

    Development trends in e-motor technology
    • Response to market requirements: MCT & SCT technology
    • Free of rare-earth magnets = supply chain independency
    • Rightsizing: continuous power meets peak performance

    Holger Oechslen, Head of System Development, MAHLE International GmbH, Germany

    Highly efficient and lightweight electric motors for mobile applications
    • New wave winding offers extreme high packaging density
    • New wave winding for economic large-volume production
    • New wave winding shifts limits of mobility

    Prof. Dr Roland Kasper, Chair of Mechatronics (em), Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Electric motor design and optimization principles for LCVs
    • BEV Light Commercial Vehicle simulation and relevant cycles
    • Motor dimensioning trade-offs
    • Motor electro-magnetic and thermal simulations

    Daniele Zecchetti, Senior Director Mechatronics R&D, Marelli Europe S.p.A., Italy

    High thermally conductive core slot architecture for electric motors that dramatically decreases the temperature
    • Dramatic temperature decrease within stators of electric motors
    • Improved heat dissipation in stators of electric motors
    • Direct insulation of a stator slot using a resin socketing

    Dr Kazuhiro Ikeda, General Manager, Sumitomo Electric Automotive, Europe Ltd., Germany

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  • Market, Strategy and Supply Chain
    Electromobility in Germany: status quo, goals and challenges

    Dr Stefanie Wolff, Manager E-Mobility Europe,Now GmbH, Germany

    E-fuels: indirect electrification of the transport sector
    • Chances and obstacles for different e-fuels
    • Energy transition
    • Electrification
    • Latest results with functional e-fuels from engine testing

    Dr Martin Härtl, Chief Engineer, Technical University of Munich, Germany

    Life cycle assessment – Path to eco-social transmissions
    • Current and future requirements for CO2 emission assessment and social due diligence
    • Magna’s activities to introduce a life-cycle assessment for all its products
    • Specific implementation of the concept using the example of selected Magna products

    Jochen Rath, Global EHS & Sustainability, Magna Powertrain, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Technology and supply chain trends for driveline components of hybrid and full electric vehicles
    • Exploring the global trends for motor technology on hybrid vehicles based on PX definition
    • Global trends for cooling / thermal management of these electric motors
    • Driveline technology trends such as torque vectoring on these hybrid vehicles

    Michael Southcott, Associate Manager, S&P Global Mobility, UK

    The ‘invasion’ of consumer electronics players: new OEMs’ strategies and the impacts on the powertrain supply chain
    • Detailed examination of the strategies of OEMs from consumer electronics
    • Impacts on the e-axle and potential integration of other systems/controllers
    • Future mode in BEV: Enclosed chassis and contract manufacturing
    • Access to semiconductor supply chain is a success factor for BEV

    Dr Yu Yang, Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Yole Développement, France

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  • Shift Elements & Sensors
    Tribology and friction materials for multiple e-axle architectures
    • E-axle architectures
    • E-fluides
    • Tribological technology overview

    Christoph Hagauer, Engineering Manager E-Powertrain, Miba Friction Divison, Austria

    Virtual dog clutch development for optimal xEV driveability
    • Optimising a dog clutch design synchronously with control calibration
    • Validated simulation method for dog clutch activated system’s design and control

    Dr Felix Matthies, Team Manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Torque oscillations in automotive wet clutch: modelisation and governing parameters identification
    • Torque oscillations in lubricates multi-disc clutches
    • FE based clutch pack modeling
    • Comparisson with simulation results and derived design rules

    Dr Alexandre Renault, Simulation Engineer/Valeo Expert, Valeo Embrayages, France

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Magnetic speed sensor revolution based on novel sensing technology
    • Introduction of a new magnetic sensor technology
    • Comparison on different magnetic sensor technologies in transmission applcations
    • Flexible module design

    Dr Simon Hainz, Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Austria

    High resolution electric machine rotor position sensor improving electric vehicle performance
    • Replacing current resolver technology
    • Application in hybrid and battery electric vehicle
    • Application in passenger car and on-road/off-road commercial vehicle

    Ulrich Marl, Key Account Manager, Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH, Germany

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  • Thermal Management & Fluids
    Direct e-motor cooling through hollow conductors - a breakthrough for power density and efficiency
    • Double continuous e-motor power and torque
    • Load dependent cooling and efficiency optimisation
    • No cooling jacket required
    • Integrated thermal management

    Jörg Trommer, CTO dynamic E flow GmbH, Germany

    Thermal integration of high speed traction machines in EDUs
    • Oil cooling
    • Electric traction machine
    • High speed e-motor
    • Performance

    Christian Monissen, Research Associate, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

    EV thermal fluids for immersion cooling enabling ultra-fast charging and extending battery life
    • Thermal management strategies for battery packs
    • Durability and safety of immersion cooled battery packs
    • Castrol ON thermal management fluids for electric vehicles

    Daniel Knoblauch, eMobility Liaison Manager Europe, BP/Castrol, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Advancing EV fluid and improving energy efficiency using next-gen base stocks
    • Lubricant and base oil
    • EV and e-modules
    • Thermal management
    • Energy efficiency

    Dr Tobias Klande, Technology Solution Professional, ExxonMobil, USA/ESSO Deutschland GmbH, Germany

    New development methodologies for next generation EV fluid for fully integrated electric drive unit
    • History of development of new generation fluids for EDU
    • High efficiency and gear protection taylor made fluids
    • Improved thermal management for E-motor cooling

    Samanta Valsania, OEM Technical Liaison Manager, Petronas Lubrication International, Italy

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  • Development Methods, Tools & Testing
    Oil jet cooling for electric drive systems: validation of virtual design and analysis methodology
    • Combined lumped-parameter and CFD analysis methodology
    • Test environment for electric drive system thermal testing
    • Validation of analysis methodology based on thermal testing

    Steven Vanhee, Senior Thermal System Engineer, Dana Incorporated, Belgium

    Automated engineering approach for electric powertrain design
    • Reduction of development time based on automated engineering
    • Novel development processes based on component DNA
    • Use-case: hairpin windings in electric traction motors
    • Vision of fully automated design processes for electric drives

    Dr Andreas Viehmann, Head of Competence Center Drive and Storage Technologies, EDAG Group, Germany

    Next level of high-speed drive testing - challenges and their solutions by new concepts
    • Testing of most powerful e-drives and e-axles
    • Modular test rigs and retrofit of existing facilities
    • Intelligent integration of measurement systems

    Dr Albert J. Wimmer, CEO, Isar Getriebetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    New method to calculate gear dynamics in electrical powertrain
    • Noise from electrical transmission
    • Gear whining simulation
    • Dynamic transmission error calculation
    • Parametric excitation

    Dr Herve Mahe, NVH Master Expert, Valeo Embrayages, France

    E-mobility and the new challenges of NVH-testing
    • Performance and new requirements on NVH test benches
    • NVH testing of EDUs and their components
    • New special measurement systems and high frequency analysis
    • Future trends of NVH and EMC testing

    Dr Joschi Sucker, Head of NVH Testing and Technology, ATESTEO GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

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Technical Sessions Day 1

Plenary speeches

6 DECEMBER 202204:45

Circular economy and future innovations of batteries

6 DECEMBER 202205:15

Hydrogen is the future

  • How Nikola relies on hydrogen
  • Start up
6 DECEMBER 202207:00

CTI Networking Night


7 DECEMBER 202207:30

Check-in and opening of the exhibition

Plenary speeches

7 DECEMBER 202208:45

The transformation of the automotive industry towards zero emission and the impact on the value chain

  • Outlook of the global production volume until 2027 ff
  • Major drivers of the transformation of the automotive industry
  • Impact on the value chain
  • Impact on the main components “winners and loosers”
  • Need for action
7 DECEMBER 202209:10

TotalEnergies committed to foster the transport energy revolution

  • Contribution to carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Environmental footprint reduction
  • New energies for mobility
  • EV charging infrastructure development
  • Low carbon and multi-energies solutions
7 DECEMBER 202209:35

Joint Q&A

7 DECEMBER 202209:45

Short break

7 DECEMBER 202210:00

cellcentric fuel cell engine for heavy-duty long-haul applications

  • Cellcentric company set-up
  • Technology requirements
  • Heavy-duty fuel cell engines for trucks
  • Manufacturing
7 DECEMBER 202210:25

MAN on the road to CO2-free mobility

  • How far have we come
  • What needs to be solved
  • What we need for the big change – Insights into brand new technology and the way forward
7 DECEMBER 202210:50

Joint Q&A

7 DECEMBER 202211:00

Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

7 DECEMBER 202212:30 - 02:00

Lunch break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo

7 DECEMBER 202201:30

Presentations during lunch break

Session H:
Holistic functional test systems in e-mobility: From inverter to e-axle with sustainable platforms
  • EOL test of high performance e-drives
  • State of the art EOL testing  from component to system
  • Flexible production concept by modular machine platform
  • Reusability with sustainable platforms

Ralph Heckmann, Vice President Sales e-Mobility, teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Germany

Session J:
The future of caravanning
  • Towing a caravan from an electric vehicle (EV)
  • Extending an EV´s powertrain range when towing a caravan
  • Range loss and customer anxiety when caravanning from an EV

Dean Wiltshire, Founder / LLC Manager, Colorado Teardrop Trailers LLC, USA

7 DECEMBER 202202:00


  • HEV Drives & Transmissions
    Mercedes-AMG ePerformance – the high performance all wheel drive hybrid
    • P3 electric drive unit
    • All wheel drive hybrid
    • AMG ePerformance

    Dr Kuno Fronius, Senior Manager for e-axle, Drive Train & NVH, Mercedes-AMG GmbH, Germany

    The new Magna hybrid transmission for the Stellantis 48-Volt hybrid models
    • New 48V hybrid transmission for Jeep, Fiat and Alfa Romeo models
    • Installation-length-neutral solution for competitive, efficient and smart hybridization
    • All state-of-the-art hybrid driving modes, including electric driving

    Paolo Barbero, DCTs & Hybrid DCTs Chief engineer, Stellantis, Italy and Dr Jörg Gindele, Senior Director Engineering, Transmission Systems, Magna Powertrain, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Development of electric powertrain for CR-V hybrid
    • Evolution 2-motor hybrid system
    • Evolution each components, engine, drive unit, intelligent power unit
    • Evolution of control technology based on hardware characteristics

    Taisuke Furuhata, Assistant Chief Engineer, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Japan

    Drives in transformation – the era of e-mobility
    • Technical configuration definition and comparison of technical solutions
    • Two solutions for PHEV market: 2-speed DHT and REX
    • How the 2DHT fulfils the market demand in terms of performance, economy and hybrid functionality
    • How REX system applied into X in 1 system

    Joachim Trumpff, General Manager, GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH, Germany

  • E-Drives
    From segment cars to performance cars and LCVs, power of component kits
    • Scalable and modular e-axle design
    • Robust system integration through internal R&D capability
    • Power of digital twin in system design

    Rahul Plavullathil, Head of e-axle Mechatronics Department, Marelli Europe S.p.A., Italy

    Next gen EDU pushing for increased overall efficiency in HV applications
    • Efficiency increase of 800V electric motors with the help of innovative form-strand winding and insulation systems
    • 3-level inverter as an answer to new power density requirements of power electronics
    • Optional 4 in 1 system achieved by integrating an HV booster into the e-drives

    PhD Lukasz Roslaniec, Department Leader Power Electronics, hofer powertrain, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Increasing e-drive sustainablility by high-speed motor technology
    • E-axle, consisting of inverter, e-motor, transmission
    • Torque vectoring in vehicle
    • Materials and composition used in e-motors
    • Efficiency and performance  improved by direct oil cooling, using 800V traction board net

    Mathias Deiml, Center Leader E-Drive, AVL Software and Functions GmbH, Germany

    Experimental results on the mechanical efficiency of the high-speed powertrain Speed4E
    • Potential of water-containing gear fluids at high speeds
    • Power loss measurements at high speeds up to 50,000 rpm
    • Measures to improve the mechanical efficiency of high-speed powertrains

    Bernd Morhard, Research Associate, Technical University of Munich, Germany


  • Commercial Vehicle Drives
    Current and future challenges of zero-emission commercial vehicles

    Andreas Kammel, Vice President Alternative Drivetrains, TRATON SE, Germany

    Towards a common test method for corrosion in e-motors
    • E-mobility
    • Lubricants
    • Corrosion
    • EP-additives

    Pär Nyman, Technical Manager, Scania CV AB, Sweden

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Verification results of an e-axle for HD electric trucks
    • Efficiency optimised operating strategy by utilisation of independent torque paths
    • Common hydraulic system for e-motor cooling and transmission lubrication
    • Hardware testing on test bed

    Felix Bayer, Technical Expert CV Powertrain Systems, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Energy price sensitivity of charging infrastructure optimisation of a bus fleet operator
    • Charging infrastructure optimisation using MILP methods
    • Fixed-route transportation system characterisation
    • Energy price sensitivity of charging infrastructure
    • Bus scheduling to achieve globally minimal costs

    Benjamin Daniel Blat Belmonte, Researcher, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

  • Batteries
    Range vs. fast charging capability – new development tools for solving the optimisation conflict of HV-batteries
    • Limiting factors and thermal challenges of fast charging
    • Contradiction between high-power and high-energy cells
    • 3-electrode measurements and new test methodologies to solve development tasks
    • The danger of lithium plating and thermal runaway and the impact of cooling

    Mareike Schmalz, Team Leader Battery Pre-Development, APL GmbH, Germany

    Battery active cell balancing for enhanced battery capacity utilisation
    • Function and working principles: Simplified cell to module topology
    • Simulation of efficiency, capacity and cost benefit
    • Proven battery capacity utilisation of more than 3% at end of life

    Michael Ptacek, Head of eProduct House & Energy Storage Systems, Vitesco Technologies Group AG, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    Novel battery housing design approaches with increased functional integration rates
    • Battery lightweight solutions on material, technology and design level
    • Multi-functional battery components and systems
    • Combined mechanical and thermal management functions

    Dr Thomas Hipke, Head of Main Division Light Weight Design and Textile Technologies, Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, Germany

    Battery immersion cooling ready for mass volume production
    • Superior battery technology at competitive cost
    • No compromises in safety – 5 minutes are not enough
    • Impact of thermal management on battery lifetime
    • Platform approach

    Helmut Kastler, Head of Development and Philipp Kreisel, Managing Director, Kreisel Electric, Austria

  • Automated Driving, Connectivity, Safety & Security, AI
    Electrified drives for automated vehicles

    Dr Axel Sturm, Scientific Assistant, Institute for Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

    Technical challenges for new vehicles in automated public transport
    • Requirements on vehicle size and driving dynamics for automated public transport
    • Interaction of vehicle and infrastructure and effects on travel time, dynamics and energy demand
    • Sensor & computing technology, x-by-wire; significance for the vehicle electrical system

    Dr Steffen Kutter, Head of Automated Driving and Driving Strategies Research Group, Technical Project Leader Absolut, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    New automotive regulations on cyber security, software updates and impact on drivetrains
    • Why new automotive regulations on cybersecurity and software updates?
    • What do the new regulations change for the automotive industry (risks and opportunities)?
    • When do they apply?

    Dr Kai Frederik Zastrow, Senior Fellow Regulation Certification Standards, Stellantis, France

    The artificial intelligence for the power transmission and e-mobility design
    • Context and challenges
    • AI solution
    • Application use cases
    • Conclusion and outlook

    Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, CEO & Co-Founder, Dessia Technologies, France

  • Fuel Cell Drives & Hydrogen
    Hydrogen fuel cell light commercial vehicles

    Dr Lars Peter Thiesen, Manager, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Deployment Strategy, Stellantis, Germany

    Innovative hydrogen production based on SOEC
    • Solid oxide electrolyses
    • Hydrogen production efficiency up to 90%
    • SOEC based e-fuel production with up to 60% efficiency
    • The role of hydrogen in the future energy system

    Josef Macherhammer, Product Manager Fuel Cell, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Coffee break and visit to the CTI SYMPOSIUM Expo
    A comprehensive comparison between BEVs and FCEVs performance reduction in cold climate conditions
    • Analysis of low ambient temperature on BEVs and FCEVs performances and efficiency
    • Coupled thermal and performance model of a 12m urban bus
    • Analysis of different cooling circuit layouts on vehicle performances and efficiency characteristics

    PhD Michele Bilancia, System Engineer, Punch Hydrocells, Italy

    Integration of hydrogen tanks and batteries into a hybrid storage system
    • Advantages of hybrid FCEV
    • Solving savety issues for storage systems
    • Novel crash guidance structure for storage systems

    Dr Stefan Caba, Head of Competence Center Sustainable Vehicle Development, EDAG Engineering GmbH, Germany

Technical Sessions Day 2
7 DECEMBER 202204:45

Plenary Hall: Summary of the 21st CTI SYMPOSIUM GERMANY by the chairman




Newcomers and career changers will get an overview of the basics of drive systems and will be updated to the latest level of development. A wide range of drive systems will be presented and the electric
drive concepts are introduced in detail and compared regarding their layout, requirements, characteristics, operation management as well as resulting performance and energy consumption.

In the afternoon the seminar focusses on the basics of Li-ion batteries – the most used energy storage device, on electronics – a component of rising importance, and the power electronics which task it is to
provide the requested energy at the right time at the right place.

The content of the introductory seminar is presented by highly experienced experts, the schedule allows time for your personal questions and an interactive exchange.


Welcome and introduction into the seminar

Automotive powertrain and drivetrain concepts


Lunch break

Electric components: batteries, electric motors, power electronics


Final Q&A


End of the seminar


CTI Ride & Drive

Experience the latest powertrain technologies up close at the CTI Ride & Drive parcours.

How do I book?
CTI Ride & Drive is an add-on event following the main event. To participate please select the according booking option during the registration. Please note that the number of participants is limited. Therefore, book your participation early.

What do I need?
You’ll need to show a valid driver’s license, and also sign the Waiver of Liability form we provide beforehand.

Where can I get details?
Available vehicles and details about the parcours will be announced on this website and updated until the event date.

CTI Ride & Drive

Showcasing at the CTI Ride & Drive

Make a lasting impression on peers and potential clients – with a hands-on experience of your development work that adds a new dimension to your lecture or virtual presentation.

For automobile manufacturers, system and component suppliers, showing a dedicated vehicle at the CTI Ride & Drive parcours is the ideal way to make their vehicle tech and applications stand out.

Register a Vehicle


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Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay


Sylvia Zenzinger

Sylvia Zenzinger

Conference Director CTI SYMPOSIA
Car Training Institute

Gerald Killmann

Gerald Killmann

Senior Vice President Purchasing and R&D, Toyota Motor Europe

Patrick Leteinturier

Patrick Leteinturier

Director R&D Fellow Automotive Systems, Infineon Technologies AG

Ruiping Wang

Ruiping Wang

Vice President General Manager, Zhe Jiang Geely Powertrain Co., Ltd, China

Toshihiro Hirai

Toshihiro Hirai

Senior Vice President, Powertrain Technology Engineering, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Japan

Dr Karsten Bennewitz

Karsten Bennewitz

Head of Powertrain and Energy System Development, Volkswagen AG, Germany

Ulrich Walter

Ulrich Walter


Prof. Dr Arno Kwade

Prof. Dr Arno Kwade

Director, Institute for Particle Technology,
Technische Universität Braunschweig

Michael Lohscheller

Michael Lohscheller

President and CEO, Nikola Corporation

Dr. Thomas Schlick

Dr Thomas Schlick

Senior Partner, Roland Berger GmbH, Germany

Mathieu Soulas

Mathieu Soulas

Senior Vice President Strategy & Supply, TotalEnergies Marketing & Services

Prof. Dr. Christian Mohrdieck

Prof. Dr Christian Mohrdieck

Chief Commercial Officer, cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG

Dr Frederik Zohm

Dr Frederik Zohm

CTO, Member of the Executive Board, R&D, MAN Truck & Bus SE

Joerg Brandscheid

Joerg Brandscheid

Chief Technology Officer Polestar, Sweden

Prof. Florian Schupp

Prof. Florian Schupp

Head of Purchasing and Supplier Management, Automotive Technologies, Schaeffler Automotive Bühl GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay

Director, Center for Automotive Engineering
Innovationsgesellschaft Technische Universität Braunschweig mbH

Axel Sturm

Dr Axel Sturm

Scientific Assistant, Institute for Automotive Engineering,
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

Prof. Dr Julia Kowal

Prof. Dr Julia Kowal

Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology,
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Prof. Dr Bernd Ponick

Prof. Dr Bernd Ponick

Director of the Institute, Electrical Machines and Drive Systems Department,
Institute for Drive Systems and Power Electronics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Prof. Dr Axel Mertens

Prof. Dr Axel Mertens

Director of the Institute, Power Electronics and Drive Control Department,
Institute for Drive Systems and Power Electronics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany