Three Winners at the 7th CTI Young Drive Experts Award ceremony

Three Winners at the 7th CTI Young Drive Experts Award ceremony


Berlin/Düsseldorf, 9.12.2015 – This year, no fewer than three candidates received a CTI Young Drive Experts Award at the 14th International CTI Symposium for Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives. The winners were Björn Berweiler (Research Associate, Institute for Drive Systems and Performance Electronics, Leibniz University Hanover), Dr.-Ing. Johannes Geiger (DCT Development Engineer, BMW Group) and Dr. Kathrien Inderwisch (Scientific Managing Director, Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen, TU Braunschweig).

Björn Berweiler’s award was for his master’s thesis entitled ’Drive Cycle Optimal Dimensions for a Synchronous Reluctance Motor for Use as a Traction Drive in an Electric Vehicle’. The result of his thesis – a six-pole synchronous reluctance motor for a vehicle in the subcompact segment – offers insights into the practicality of these new machines for automotive transmissions. “Using a six-pole synchronous reluctance motor in the subcompact segment was found to deliver important cost benefits and good functionality, since it contains no permanent magnets or rare earth elements, has a simple rotor construction with no coils, and is easy to produce“ confirmed Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay (TU Braunschweig) in his laudatio. Berweiler wrote the paper while at Leibniz University Hanover, and currently works as a research associate for electronic drive systems at the Institute for Drive Systems and Performance Electronics.


Dr.-Ing. Johannes Geiger won an Award for his dissertation ’Efficiency and Thermal Economy of Gear Drives During Instationary Operation’. The paper aims to put a simulation tool in place that can calculate instationary efficiency and thermal behaviour, and also define individual component temperatures. The results can be used in the preliminary analysis of load ratings for predefined load collectives, and to evaluate optimisation activities for reducing fuel consumption in drive trains. “The result is a simulation tool for the early analysis of transmission component load ratings, and to evaluate measures for reducing drive consumption, such as optimised bearing configuration or low-loss cogging“ said Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay. Geiger currently works as a DCT development engineer for the BMW Group.

Dr. Kathrien Inderwisch received a Young Drivers Award for her thesis on ’Loss Identification in Vehicle Drives“. Her aims were to meet CO2 emission requirements and secure long-term mobility through requirement-specific energy usage – an important development focus for automobile manufacturers. “The result is a program that is validated by measurements, and calculates the loss levels of different transmissions under realistic conditions“ says Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay. Inderwisch studied mechanical engineering at TU Braunschweig, majoring in Automobile Technology. She is currently Scientific Managing Director at the Automotive Research Centre Niedersachsen.



About the CTI Award

The CTI Young Drive Award honours outstanding work by recent graduates and PhD holders in the field of transmission and drive development. The aim is to encourage young engineers to continue their efforts in this sector.

At the CTI Symposium, 1,300 attendees from 23 countries, 130 exhibitors and over 100 speakers came together to learn more about topics including market-specific influences and general parameters, and new transmissions and drive concepts.

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