Abstract: Trans:Mission Performance – the All-News 8DCL900 High-End Dual Clutch Transmission by Magna

While the segment of super sports cars may be a small one, the development of transmissions for them holds great potentials for outstanding and innovative solutions. In cooperation with Ferrari, Magna Transmission Systems has developed the new 8-speed 8DCL900 dual-clutch transmission for a new generation of high-performance engines.

Key development objectives were outstanding performance and controllability, higher torque capacity and density, and new technologies to reduce weight and improve longitudinal and lateral performance. The book of requirements contained all attributes necessary for outstanding driving performance and racetrack capabilities combined with high reliability, straightforward everyday use and outstanding efficiency. Based on the long-standing Magna history of performance transmissions, a completely new concept was developed.

As the latest member of the Magna DCT family, the new 8DCL900 significantly exceeds all specifications of its predecessors. All building blocks of the transmission have been developed further consequently. Starting with the gearset and shaft layout including shift actuation, the basic layout was consistently tuned to shift performance and driving dynamics, along with an all-new hydraulic system. To allow more gear change accuracy and launch performance, a new clutch design was developed.

To handle the high demands on vehicle lateral performance, the oil circuit including a dry sump concept was newly designed. Compact package and low weight were major requirements, as well as a low installation position for a low center of gravity in the vehicle. To transfer the enormous engine power, many new technologies have been introduced, like special gear design, materials and production methods.

With regard to future powertrain requirements, a hybrid solution is feasible including the e-motor integrated into the transmission. The modular approach allows for P2, P2.5 or P3 electrification, according to vehicle platform requirements. In terms of performance and flexibility, the 8DCL900 is the top product within the Magna transmission family.

This paper describes the technology of the all-new modern Double Clutch Transmission for high-end sports car applications. Many new techniques are described that will be conveyed from the highperformance segment to mass production car applications, to further benefit efficiency, weight and package.


Dr Jörg Gindele


Dr. Jörg Gindele
Senior Director Engineering, Transmission Systems
Magna Powertrain




Francesco Strati,


Francesco Strati
8DCL Project Manager
Ferrari SpA





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