Valeo 48V plug-in hybrid: the best of both worlds made affordable

Thanks to more efficient technologies, the popularity of plug-in hybrid vehicles is continuously growing. But the price of these products remains an obstacle for many customers.
Valeo Powertrain Systems took up the challenge to work on this obstacle: the R&D teams transformed a classical family car into a plug-in hybrid with the Valeo low-voltage 48V powertrain. Less complex than high-voltage solutions and with very satisfying performances in urban environments, the 48V system is the most affordable solution on the market since it is derived from products already in mass production.
Will the car be able to drive in 100% electric mode? Will it have enough range? Will it drive fast enough?
After a challenging series of tests, Valeo’s answer is YES.
The Valeo 48V plug-in hybrid car is able to drive 40km in 100% electric mode and drive up to 60km/h, which is perfect fur urban use. The battery can be fully charged in only 1h45 and is compatible with any charging station. And most importantly, the price of the Valeo low-voltage solution is 20% less expensive than high voltage systems, making the car more affordable.

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