Video recordings of selected plenary speakers at the CTI Symposium Berlin

Video recordings of selected plenary speakers at the CTI Symposium Berlin

Plenary speech by Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr Martin Winter:
Battery cell technology for automotive applications: state of the art and possible future

“We can only create the energy transition from an economically strong position.”

Electric cars are not a niece product anymore. Slowly but surely sale figures are rising but to break through on the mass market, cheaper vehicles and more charging points are not enough- we also need cheaper, lighter batteries that will enable higher ranges. That means improving existing systems, researching new techniques and improving battery cell production more effectively. How do you master all these challenges? Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr Martin Winter, the Scientific Director of the Forschungszentrum Jülich has the answers. In this plenary speech he is talking about battery cell technology and is giving some hints what is really important. Moreover, he compares the consisting and coming technologies.

Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr Martin Winter
Scientific Director
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany

Would you like to watch the plenary speeches by Stephan Rebhan, Dr Holger Manz and Hakan Yilmaz as well?

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Plenary speech by Stephan Rebhan:
Automotive industry undergoes the most significant change ever – impacts to powertrain and vehicle design

“One thing is for sure: Mobility will be electrified, it will be connected and it will be shared.”

CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Share and Electric. This is what the future of cars, and of mobility on roads and in the city, appears to be heading. The automotive industry is facing a fundamental shift in mobility that affects not just OEMs but suppliers too. On top of that, suppliers have to handle a wide range of totally different customer requirements. All of these requirements change vehicle designs. What are tomorrows customers prepared to pay for? For a technical take on the customer benefit is the Senior Vice President of Technology & Innovation at Vitesco Technologies GmbH. Stephan Rebhan is talking about some aspects outside of the powertrain and the megatrends in the automotive industry. Furthermore, he is pointing out the impact of autonomous driving and connectivity, what concepts arise from that and what that means specifically for powertrain.

Stephan Rebhan
Senior Vice President Technology & Innovation
Vitesco Technologies GmbH (Continental), Germany



Plenary speech by Dr Holger Manz:
Future trends on battery systems – ready for the next generation

Electromobility has attracted more and more attention in recent years and as well past the experimental stage. Today’s customers can choose between lots of models that meets the everyday needs. Although, we still need to resolve issues relating to vehicle prices, range and charging infrastructure.

“The demands on battery cells in terms of energy, performance, service life, safety and costs are growing.”

Dr Holger Manz gave an overview about the battery development in the last ten years and an outlook on future developments. Moreover, he talked in his plenary speech about Volkswagen´s latest platform for electric vehicle technology.

Dr Holger Manz
Head of Energy Management and High Voltage Systems
Electric / Electronic Development
Volkswagen AG, Germany



Plenary speech by Hakan Yilmaz:
Path to plug in e-propulsion with balanced, scalable and sustainable products

Will all vehicles really be fully electric in future? As a look on registration and sales figures shows, combustion engines will still be on a full time with us yet.

“In the coming decade, hybrid vehicles will be the standard solution that is regularly considered in the short and medium term.”

Hakan Yilmaz examined different architectures for hybrid and electric vehicles, to see which configurations are preferable going forward. He dealt intensively with hybrid drives from the point of view of Borg Warner and how Borg Warner presents the future, but also the design of such drives. Furthermore, he explained the suppliers perspective on managing the e-propulsion challenge by balancing the hybrid and electric products to overcome regulatory requirements.

Hakan Yilmaz
Chief Technology Officer
BorgWarner, USA

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