winners of the young drive expert award 2017

Nils Bothen won the 9th CTI Young Drive Experts Award 2017

Berlin/Düsseldorf, 06.12.2017 – Once again at this year’s 16th International CTI Symposium for Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives, three candidates qualified for the CTI Young Drive Experts Award. Finalists Philippe Jardin (Research Assistant, Institute for Mechatronic Systems in Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt), Nils Bothen (Research Assistant, Institute for Drive Systems and Performance Electronics, Leibnitz University Hanover) and Patrick Weißensteiner (Junior Scientist, ‘Virtual Vehicle’ R&D Centre, Graz) began by presenting their work in the form of Pecha Kucha presentations to an audience of more than 1000 industry representatives. The ‘clapometer’ then decided who came first, second and third.

Nils Bothen won first prize for his Master’s thesis ’Optimizing a Rotation Transformer with an Electric Steel Core’, in which he developed a tool to optimize the efficiency of these rotation transformers. Rotation transformers are familiar from data recorders, but can also be used to carry AC electric current. Using the insights obtained, guidelines were then developed for designing and dimensioning future versions of contactless transformers with an electrical steel core.

Phillipe Jardin took the second place with his Master’s thesis ‘Reconstructing Load Conditions and Calculating Failure Rates of Automotive Vehicle Components.’ This presents a sensor fusion network for the efficient reconstruction of load conditions. The network is installed on a microcontroller, and can measure load conditions in real time on components such as steering racks. The insights it yields make an important contribution to predicting the life expectancy of tomorrow’s drive and automotive components.

Patrick Weißensteiner presented a compelling Master’s thesis entitled ‘Vehicle Dynamics Analysis and Regulation of an All-Wheel Drive EV with Omnidirectional Steering’, conducted in cooperation with the Virtual Research Center (ViF). Using a corresponding prototype, it aims to test a wide range of sensors needed for automated driving. The thesis presented an impressive vehicle simulation model (developed with the aid of multi-body simulation or MKS) that can simulate vehicle movements along defined points. He took third place.

About the CTI Award

The Young Drive Experts Award is open to recent Bachelor, Masters and PhD graduates who produce outstanding work in the field of automotive transmission and drive development. The aim is to encourage young engineers to continue their efforts in the sector in future.
Each year, numerous international participants and speakers come together at the CTI Symposium to learn more about topics that include market-specific influences and general parameters, as well as current transmission and drive technology solutions.

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