Only together we can create a sustainable future mobility.

CO2 reduction is critical for automotive drivetrain.
Here the battery electric drive using renewable energy is the focus. What can we do to increase efficiency and reliability, reduce cost and at the same time reduce the upstream CO2? At CTI SYMPOSIUM the automotive industry discusses the challenges it faces and promising strategies. Latest solutions in the fields of electric drives, power electronics, battery systems, e-machines as well as the manufacturing of these components and supply chain improvements are presented. For the bigger picture market and consumer research results as well as infrastructure related topics supplement the exchange of expertise.

CTI SYMPOSIA drive the progress in individual and commercial automotive transportation. Manufacturer, suppliers and institutions are showing how to master the demanding challenges.

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CTI SYMPOSIUM USA – Patrick Lindemann becomes new chairman

After 7 years, Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh, Strategy Advisory, AVL List GmbH, is stepping down as chair of CTI SYMPOSIUM USA. Hamid joined CTI USA at the very start in 2007. In 2010 he joined the advisory board, where he made his mark as a strong and proactive supporter of the event. In 2016, the year […]

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“We don’t want to make what we call half a vehicle”

General Motors has been a pioneer in the area of range extender technology, but today it is focusing on all-electric vehicles. We spoke with Michael Maten, Director EV Policy and Regulatory Affairs at GM, about the company’s electrification path, and future development challenges in fields such as the production, transport, and storage of energy.

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The trick is what the regulator is looking for

Besides battery electric solutions, Hyundai is also committed to fuel cell vehicles, especially for commercial applications. The company has established truck and bus fleets in South Korea and Switzerland and is currently setting up fleets and services in California. What are the prospects? An interview with Jerome Gregeois, Director Commercial Vehicles Development at Hyundai Kia […]

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Industrialization of the value stream is part of the solution

Ford is offering many ‘flavors’ on its path from ICE to BEV, as Dave Filipe, Vice President Vehicle Hardware Modules Ford, explained in his presentation at the 2022 CTI Symposium in Novi. In this interview, Filipe gives insights into Ford’s electrification path until 2030 and outlines the challenges and solutions in a demanding international market.

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