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The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA is THE place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives. Exchange experiences, discuss technologies and strategies with automotive experts from USA, Asia and Europe.

  • 750 delegates
  • Representatives from 20 countries
  • 80 exhibitors

Updates about the Symposium & Expo

Electrification of Commercial Vehicles: How Drivetrains Are Evolving to Meet the Future of an Electrified World

Susan Kuchinskas

The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable for the commercial transportation industry, driven by the imperative to reduce air pollution and the rising cost of diesel fuel. Regulation plays a key role in this. In some places, fleet operators will have no choice but to switch to EVs. Paris, Milan, Mexico City and Athens are among those with plans to ban diesel engines in city centers—and this approach will gain momentum as its viability becomes clear.

At the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA in Novi, Mich., held on May 13 to 16, manufacturers and suppliers will present their future visions and current initiatives on the road to electrification of commercial vehicles. We’ll see several approaches, including strong (P2) hybrid drivetrains, all-electric vehicles and hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks.Continue reading

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Electric Drive Development for a Parcel Delivery Van

Introduction Today electric drives find their application in almost all parts of mobility, transport and utility. In case of passenger cars, the main reason to develop EVs is to comply with NEV mandate targets or CO2 standards.