Interview with Chairman Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh, Strategy Advisor, AVL List GmbH

How will surrounding conditions generally change with the new administration?
“The new Biden administration is strongly supporting clean renewable energy and green environment technologies. The target is to put us on an irreversible path to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. One major strategy is a strong support for developing the infrastructure needed for electric vehicle development and its wide deployment. “

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CTI SYMPOSIUM goes digital

The expert summit that drives mobility

The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA is THE place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives. Exchange experiences, discuss technologies and strategies with automotive experts from USA, Asia and Europe.

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The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA – Digital Edition a success

A transformation process began several months ago. A transformation process that was to be a solution to the then unimagined dimensions of a virus that posed huge challenges to the event industry. Out of this transformation, the digital CTI SYMPOSIUM USA was born. We were forced to face many challenges. The time difference between the […]

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Abstract: BP energy outlook 2020 and solutions for advanced mobility

BPs latest outlook of energy demands to 2040 will be presented with scenarios to meet that energy demand and reduce overall carbon emissions; The forces that shape scenarios for the future and key uncertainties. Lower carbon roadmap options for energy, fuel and lubricant products will be presented, including lubricants designed to enable next generation electric […]

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