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The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA is THE place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives. Exchange experiences, discuss technologies and strategies with automotive experts from USA, Asia and Europe.

  • 750 delegates
  • Representatives from 20 countries
  • 80 exhibitors

News about the Symposium & Expo

How Electrification and Connectivity Revolutionize Trucks

Trucks carry 70 percent of all goods in the US. In urban regions, road transport continues to grow. Electrification, automation and connectivity are needed to improve traffic flow and reduce energy consumption. Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni has analyzed what future powertrains for trucks will look like. Continue reading

Electrification needs a Connected Eco System

While some developers are still focused on aspects like range and the ‘hardware’ of electric vehicles, the most compelling products will be based on a complete eco-system, says Stephan A. Tarnutzer, AVL Powertrain Engineering. And: “The race to e-mobility cannot be won alone.”Continue reading

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