BP energy outlook 2020 and solutions for advanced mobility

BP’s latest outlook of energy demand to 2040 will be presented with scenarios to meet that energy demand and reduce overall carbon emissions ; the forces that shape scenarios for the future and key uncertainties. Lower carbon roadmap options for energy, fuel and lubricant products will be presented, including lubricants designed to enable next generation electric vehicle designs.

What is new? Technology, Methods
Latest BP models will be presented for scenarios of future energy demands and supplies, built from  incorporating statistical data and technical data sources on subjects including  global economic growth, energy markets, energy demand, consumption, production and supply, energy efficiency, mobility developments, changes to fuel mx, technological developments, trade disputes and growth of carbon emissions.

Fuel and Lubricant technology options which can contribute to lower carbon transport and energy will be presented.

New lubricant technology will be presented for electric vehicle batteries and drivetrains.

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