Bringing the sports car of the future to the road today

Electrification, digitalisation, connectivity – those are the three big future trends that are radically changing mobility. But what exactly does this mean for the automotive industry? And specifically for a sports car manufacturer such as Porsche? With which drive concepts can the appeal of a sports car be carried forwards into the age of electromobility?

In light of the different developments in the world markets, Porsche is positioning itself as broadly as possible. The production portfolio is characterized by a wide spectrum: It ranges from the high-performance sports car 911 GT2 RS to the top model in the Panamera model line, the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid. And now, the Taycan is out – the first fully electrically powered Porsche. Further models will follow gradually. This mix of combustion engines, hybrid drives and purely electric drives gives Porsche the necessary flexibility to meet the needs of the regionally different market conditions, the legal requirements and the customer demand.

In the long term, there is no way around electromobility. Porsche sees a great opportunity in it. The task is to get the new technology on the road in Porsche style – be it regarding the design, the quality or the driving dynamics. In order to do so, the company combines 70 years of experience in building sports cars with future-oriented, race track-tested innovations – and thus lays the foundation for its continued business success.

What is new? Technology, Methods
Electrification of Porsche sports car power/drive train


In case you missed Porsche´s CEO talk about the Taycan, the company´s BEV, by Dr Oliver Blume’s at CTI Symposium Berlin 2019, the CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2020 gives you the chance to learn about Porsche’s positioning as sports car manufacturer in the age of electrification. Hear Dr Klaus Zellmer´s, President & CEO at Porsche Cars North America Inc. talk in Novi in May.

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