Can Electric Trucks Succeed in the US?

Opinions as to whether electric trucks make sense or not vary widely. At the 13th CTI Symposium USA, Alexander Edwards, Strategic Vision, discusses use cases and target groups that would enable viable business cases and maximize sales.

Ever since the 1980s, we’ve been hearing about how electrification is coming to the automotive industry. Yet so far, selling these vehicles to US customers has proven exceptionally difficult. Tesla has achieved success by exciting the wealthiest of US consumers with premium performance vehicles, rather than innovative environment-friendly vehicles. This success has sparked a fresh focus on EVs in segments that extend beyond small cars, including light duty trucks. But how could EV trucks find success in the US market – and which consumer audience should they target in order to achieve the highest sales? Analysis and results will come from the New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES). This examines over 250,000 new vehicle buyers on an annual basis, and is used by OEMs, suppliers and agencies (e.g. EPA, DOT) to understand the current and future automotive marketplace.

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