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Webinar June 2020: COVID-19 Impact on the Automotive Industry and Outlook for Light Vehicle Production

A Special Webinar for the International CTI SYMPOSIUM Community in conjunction with IHS Markit

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread through-out the world. Regional impacts will vary as the virus runs its course and consumer confidence is tested. As of now, IHS Markit predicts a disorderly and jagged recovery profile across the world, as governments, consumers and businesses struggle to interpret prevailing market conditions.

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CTI Mag: “ZF Delivers Fuel-Sipping Innovations to Advance Mobility.”

Improving fuel economy while delivering the vehicle performance consumers demand has been a challenge that automakers have faced for years. And, today, developing zero-emission mobility has become increasingly important to meet emission regulations. Advance driveline technology is a key enabler allowing the industry to better meet the balancing act between government requirements and vehicles consumers want to drive.Continue reading

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What is the DCFC rate needed for BEVs to accelerate market growth?

What is the DC fast charge rate needed for BEVs to accelerate market growth?’ Almost half the audience wanted 100 miles per minute, the equivalent of a slow conventional refuelling stop. Many participants thought 20 miles per minute was still acceptable; few were ready to settle for less. According to Tarnowsky there is a chicken-and-egg problem here: to make growing the charging infrastructure worthwhile, charging systems need to be in use all the time.Continue reading

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