CTI Mag: “ZF Delivers Fuel-Sipping Innovations to Advance Mobility.”

Improving fuel economy while delivering the vehicle performance consumers demand has been a challenge that automakers have faced for years. And, today, developing zero-emission mobility has become increasingly important to meet emission regulations. Advance driveline technology is a key enabler allowing the industry to better meet the balancing act between government requirements and vehicles consumers want to drive.

For more than 100 years ZF has been developing innovative driveline, axle and powertrain products that deliver improved fuel efficiency and are fun to drive. As one of the automotive industry’s leading providers of transmission technology, the company has had a profound impact on reducing fuel consumption while delivering more power with its award-winning 6- and 8-speed longitudinal transmission as well as 9-speed transverse transmission. ZF’s range of transmission technology was an integral part in enabling automakers to deliver high-performance internal combustion engines (ICE). In fact, each transmission was recognized by an Automotive News PACE Award for the industry-first innovation and efficiency it brought to the market.

As the industry moves toward driveline electrification, ZF continues to be at the forefront with its premier automatic and dual clutch transmission, as well as a full range of hybrid and electric drive technologies currently being utilized by automakers. Opinions may differ in how fast the global vehicle fleet will transition from primarily ICE to fully electrified, but one thing is certain: ZF’s robust e-mobility product portfolio provides the industry turnkey solutions to meet future needs.

Although ZF is primarily seen as a Tier 1 supplier providing technology directly to the automakers, the company is also advancing the industry by providing a series of in-house capabilities for automatic transmissions and subsystems to driveline suppliers. ZF’s experience, knowledge and high quality products can provide automotive suppliers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

More Comfort and Less Fuel Consumption
Modern low revving/direct injected engines require innovative damping/ torque converter technologies for increased fuel efficiency and improved driving comfort. ZF designs and develops a full range of launch devices and torque converters that enable automakers to achieve the increasingly stringent fuel emission regulations. In addition to torque converters and dual clutch launch devices, ZF has a full range of electric motors designed for simple adaptation to front-wheel drive and rearwheel drive base transmissions for mild-hybrid electric, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric and fully electric vehicles.


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