CTI Mag:”Marzocchi´s Elika Leads a “Silent” Revolution in the Automotive Sector”

Marzocchi Pompe has been for the past 50 years a leader supplier of Gear Pumps in the industrial and off-highway mobile applications. Maybe not everybody knows that it is also a key player in the on-highway Automotive Sector.

Gear pumps are volumetric machines widely used in hydraulic system design since a long time mainly because of their unbeatable cost/efficiencies ratio and for their simple construction and compactness.

Marzocchi Pompe is the manufacturer with the broadest range of displacement reaching as low as 0,12 cc/ rev and up to 200 cc/rev.

The top characteristics of quality, reliability of the Marzocchi products allowed the Company to gain an interesting share in the Automotive Market, where the most suitable range of displacement goes from 0,12 cc/rev and up to 8 cc/rev which is widely appreciated in all those applications where a mini powerpack is required.

The pumps are designed specifically to be part of the electro-hydraulic system to generate a flow of pressurized oil in a controlled manner to drive the “actuators” required in most of the above-mentioned systems.

Standard application of Marzocchi Pompe products are easily requiring up to 300 bars while the limited operating pressure of the automotive application, generally up to 80 – 100 bars, has allowed design and process engineers to introduce several design and process optimization with the goal on one side to maintain and even enhance very high performances specifically in terms of efficiencies and noise and reducing overall sizes as well, and on the other side decreasing the manufacturing costs also with the adequate level of automatization of the production and assembly of the units.








The automotive family of E05 Pumps has been specifically designed to be integrated into assemblies of automatic transmissions, semiautomatic clutches, electro-hydraulic power steering, AWD systems, assistance in hybrid-type of propulsion, suspensions’ systems, trucks rear-steering etc. The main parts of the pump, before being physically built, have been subjected to structural verification through FEA simulations, in order to check in advance, the structure of the pump subject to the stresses of work and also to verify the behavior during the most critical stages of the manufacturing process.

Despite their small size, E05 Pumps, depending on the application characteristics, can be internally mono or bi-compensated, the compensation system must always maintain the compensation plates in contact with the gears ensuring in all operating conditions, a drastic reduction of internal leakage, adequate lubrication of the moving parts and excellent volumetric and mechanical efficiency. Synthetic oils used in the automotive industry generally have a low viscosity, as it must maintain adequate fluidity even at low temperatures, down to even −40 °C. The low viscosity of the oil has imposed a fine tuning of the compensation system. The compensation system has been designed to reduce the inevitable friction components increasing the mechanical efficiency of the system. High mechanical efficiency has a direct effect to lower consumption and enable a reduction of the size of the other components, such as a reduction in the size of the electric motor required to move the micropump.

A reduction of internal friction also entails a reduction of the heat input in the hydraulic circuit. Reducing the volumetric losses is also possible to reduce the size of other components such as the radiators: lower the internal leakage of the pump means lower heat that should be then taken away through oil cooling.

Because of everything said before, Marzocchi can definitely provide the right answer to the specification that TIER1 or TIER2 engineers are looking for:

››High efficiencies to cope with limited current and voltages requirement
››Low noise in order to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness).
››Limited overall dimensions in order to cope with packaging restraints
››Competitive pricing versus standard pump solutions

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