Electrification Increases Comfort and Package Requirements

Comfort, package and affordability are major challenges when electrifying transmissions at different scales. Ejii Ogawa explains which technical solutions Jatco favors for 48V and HV hybrid drives or BEVs. Seamless shifting is one thing they have in common. 

Powertrain electrification is inevitably increasing, be it 48 V mild hybrids or BEVs at the other end of the spectrum. At all scales of electrification there are three major challenges: electrification must be affordable, and customers will not accept functional or comfort drawbacks; intrusions like transmission shifts, for example, should not be noticeable. Jatco is studying mild hybrid solutions CVT and AT applications that fulfill these requirements. The technology also supports use in FWD drives as well as RWD applications, such as moderately motorized light trucks. While this is an efficient approach to improve traditional powertrains, applications ranging from high voltage through to BEVhave similar requirements. The larger the battery, the more critical package becomes for transmissions. Simple planetary transmissions enable seamless ratio variation and optimal NVH, as well as minimal package requirements.

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