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61 | Ernst Grob AG 40 | Rotor Clip Company 41 | SMT 86 | PatSnap 42 | Associated Spring, Barnes, Hänggi, Seeger 5 | ACTech North America, Inc. 88 | AJ Rose 35 | AVL 31 | BorgWarner Inc. 58 | Bourns Sensors GmbH 69 | Brose North America, Inc. 34 | Buehler Motor, Inc. 15 | Christian Bauer GmbH + Co. KG 2 | Dana Incorporated 23B | Delta Research Corporation 7 | ECM USA 63 | EcoNovaTech LLC 9A | Emissions Analytics 37 | Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH 71 | Contact 70 | Allegheny Performance Plastics 68 | teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH 67 | SHW Pumps & Engine Components Inc. 5A | GRW Technologies 65 | Melecs EWS GmbH 64 | Ricardo 61A | Intertek 48 | Means Industries 51 | Precision Resource Inc. 52A | Solvay 89 | Punch Powertrain nv 28 | ETAS 29 | Michigan Spring & Stamping, LLC 23A | Yinlun TDI, LLC 25 | Scherdel GmbH 27 | Schaeffler 38 | Feintool US Operations, Inc. 33 | Victrex USA, Inc. 9B | Klingelnberg 14 | TREMEC 16 | Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH 12 | THE FELSS GROUP 13 | JATCO USA, Inc. 17 | FEV North America, Inc. 21 | Konzelmann GmbH 22 | Swoboda Inc. 20 | ZF 1A | Oerlikon Friction Systems (US) Inc. 19 | Walter Henrich GmbH 1 | IMA Automation North America 6A | MFC Corporation 62 | American GFM Corporation 59 | Brand KG 90 | Drive System Design 18 | Ernst Metal Technologies LLC 66 | GGB 8 | Kolektor group, d.o.o. 11 | Kostal Group 4 | Minnesota Rubber & Plastics 90A | THORS eLearning Solutions 39A | Methode Electronics 6 | Hutchinson 50 | Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co. KG 59A | Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. 13A | HORIBA 3 | BOCAR Croup 91 | Robert Bosch GmbH 49 | DuPont CTI Exhibitor Helpdesk 57 | Dana Incorporated 61A | Contact 10 | TOYO Corporation 24 | CCTY Bearing Company 62A | Contact

61 | Ernst Grob AG


ERNST GROB AG develops, designs and builds precision machines dedicated to the cold forming of splined and nonsplined workpieces. The manufacture of slotting machines for secondary and finishing operations on cold formed workpieces is yet another core competence of the company.

  • Cold forming machines for sheet metal and solid components
  • Slotting machines for sheet metal components
  • Subcontracting
  • Engineering

Ernst Grob AG

40 | Rotor Clip Company

Rotor Clip is the leader in the manufacture of tapered, constant section and spiral retaining rings meeting DIN, Inch, ANSI Metric and JIS standards, as well as TRUWAVE wave springs, ROTOR CLAMP hose clamps and custom designs. We support the market with first class Engineering Know-How, expert advice, reliability of delivery and high quality products. Rotor Clip is certified to ISO 9001, TS 16949, AS9100 & ISO 14001.

Rotor Clip Company

41 | SMT


SMT is an internationally trusted provider of cutting-edge drivetrain design, analysis and simulation software as well as technical consultancy services. SMT has in-depth experience in all industries that involve gear-shaft-bearing systems. Increasing development efficiency, reducing costs and driving innovation has been the core outcome from all of its global projects.


86 | PatSnap

PatSnap is the leading provider of Intellectual Property Analytics, for analysing tech trends, driving innovation, market planning, competitor intelligence and maximising return on IP assets. With a database of over 134 million patents, augmented by economic, legal and company data, PatSnap is used by R&D, business and IP professionals in the automotive industry worldwide.


42 | Associated Spring, Barnes, Hänggi, Seeger

Barnes Group Inc.

Associated Spring

Barnes Engineered Components (EC)

Heinz Hänggi Stanztechnik


5 | ACTech North America, Inc.


ACTech is a prototype sand and investment foundry specializing in “Rapid Casting Technology” for quick turnaround delivery. We are a full service supplier from CAD to Casting to Heat Treatment to Inspection to Machining. Our processes do not require hard mold tooling, wherefore reducing prototype-casting delivery. Depending on the complexity of the part, we utilize equipment that fuses the shell sand grains together or mill out a sand mold to create core and mold segments. The same technology is utilized to furnish high quality prototype metal investment castings.

ACTech North America, Inc.

88 | AJ Rose

AJ Rose

As a premier supplier to the automotive industry, A.J. Rose is well known for perfection in medium- to high-volume production of precision-engineered stampings and flowformed parts. Our dedication is to product and process integrity. Our focus is on our customers’ success. For more information on A.J. Rose, our capabilities and how we can support your success, visit us at www.ajrose.com or call us at 440-934-7700.

A.J. Rose Manufacturing Company

35 | AVL


AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing of powertrains (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. The company offers combined solutions of powertrain engineering, simulation software, and testing and instrumentation systems.

AVL North America

31 | BorgWarner Inc.


BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA) is a global product leader in clean and efficient technology solutions for combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles. With manufacturing and technical facilities in 66 locations in 18 countries, the company employs approximately 29,000 worldwide.

BorgWarner Inc.

58 | Bourns Sensors GmbH

Bourns designs, develops and manufactures an extensive range of innovative and cost-effective automotive position, speed and torque sensors in its world-class facilities positioned throughout the globe. The company’s research and development combined with its close collaboration with customers ensures Bourns customized products meet the strict requirements set for the automotive industry.

Bourns Sensors GmbH

69 | Brose North America, Inc.

Brose is one of the top 40 automotive suppliers in the world supplying electric motors and mechatronic systems for driveline and powertrain, focusing on excellence in customer support, product quality and manufacturing. Brose’s powertrain actuators are integrated in stop-start, disconnect systems, and torque vectoring using the modular construction kit approach.

Brose North America, Inc.

34 | Buehler Motor, Inc.

Buehler Motor is an independent, globally-active company focused on the development and production of mechatronic drive solutions and electric pumps. A leading supplier in the Automotive industry, with more than 1750 employees at eleven locations worldwide, we are committed to offering world-class products to help to improve the drivetrain efficiency and performance.

Buehler Motor, Inc..

15 | Christian Bauer GmbH + Co. KG

With decades of familiarity with the market and solid know-how, cb successfully designs fl exibility creatively. Wher ever disc springs, diaphragm springs and complete subassemblies for vane pumps are involved, we stand for the tightest of production tolerances while being consistently solution-driven. In addition to the DIN disc springs Bauer Springs, Inc. (our subsidiary in the USA) and cb also support you with tailored and customised developments.

Christian Bauer GmbH + Co. KG

2 | Dana Incorporated


Dana is a global leader in the supply of highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies that improve the efficiency and performance of vehicles with both conventional and alternative-energy powertrains. Serving three primary markets – passenger vehicle, commercial truck, and off-highway equipment – Dana provides the world’s original-equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket with local product and service support through a network of nearly 100 engineering, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

Dana Incorporated

23B | Delta Research Corporation


Delta Research is a world leader in prototype and production transmission components and assemblies. Throughout our 65 year history, our passion has grown for high-precision gears, shafts, carriers, machined housings and inspection services. Come see us for your next EV Transmission Build as our expertise in making perfect gears is unparalleled.

Delta Research Corporation



ECM USA provides high quality vacuum furnaces, spare-parts, service, and R&D testing for customers in North, Central and South America for the ECM Group. With experienced engineering, advanced manufacturing and installation expertise, our vacuum furnaces provide high up-time to demanding production environments all over the world.


63 | EcoNovaTech LLC


Our Mission:
Custom design eco-friendly products through simple, effective engineering solutions and be a leader in the latest trends of Automobile Engineering
Our Offering:
Scalable, Non friction dependent, Non-Circular Gear based Continuously Variable Transmission design (IVT). Patent allowed in US, pending Canada, India, Japan, China, and 30+ European countries (EPO).

EcoNovaTech LLC

9A | Emissions Analytics

Emissions Analytics is the leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions and fuel efficiency for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and non-road mobile machinery. We test both exhaust emissions (via PEMS) and also emissions inside the cabin of the vehicle/ machine.

Emissions Analytics also operates the EQUA Index, the world largest real-world emissions database based upon PEMS tests of European and US market vehicles independently tested. The results and meta data is available for corporate access to support competitive intelligence, benchmarking and R&D.

We are headquartered in Oxford, UK, with facilities in Stuttgart, Los Angeles and Seoul.

Please visit www.emissionsanalytics.com, www.equaindex.com and contact us for more information at our booth or via info@emissionsanalytics.com.

37 | Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH




  • Development and production of complex deep drawing parts and assemblies.
  • Experience in changing manufacturing processes.
  • Intelligent solutions achieved by our development capability with state of the art equipment.


  • Deep drawings
  • Stampings
  • Fine blanking parts
  • Assemblies

PLANTS: Germany, Czech Republic, USA, China

Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH

71 | Contact

Michael Follmann

Michael Follmann

Sponsoring & Exhibiting

Sales Director
Phone: +49(0)211.88743-3729

70 | Allegheny Performance Plastics

68 | teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH

teamtechnik is an internationally leading company for innovative production technologies. Over 1000 highly qualified employees have been developing and building intelligent and reliable automation solutions for assembly and functional testing. In transmission- and E-Drive testing, the company supplies pre-series test benches, stand-alone EOL test benches and fully automated EOL test lines.

teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH | Germany

67 | SHW Pumps & Engine Components Inc.


SHW Automotive is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Engine components and Engine /Transmission oil pumps. SHW provides products that make a substantial contribution to reducing fuel consumption and, consequently, to lowering CO2 emissions.

SHW Pumps & Engine Components Inc.

5A | GRW Technologies

Established as part of the Söhnergroup in 1997 – GRW Technologies Inc. is the main engineering and manufacturing facility for the NAFTA region. We’ve been able to establish ourselves as a strong partner of the major Tier 1 suppliers for the automotive industry by using our high precision stamping, complex molding, and assembly processes. Anchored in the company’s core values is its commitment to the environment, quality and energy management.

GRW Technologies

65 | Melecs EWS GmbH

Melecs Elektronikwerk Siegendorf (EWS), with a turnover of 262 million euros, is the largest electronics manufacturing service provider (EMS) with Austrian roots. In 2011, Melecs EWS expanded and opened a branch in Györ, Hungary. In 2015, an electronics factory was acquired in Lenzing. In 2016, a production site in Wuxi/China was built to serve global customers. The market entry into North America took place in 2018 with the opening of a new sales office in Auburn Hills, Michigan. In addition, Melecs EWS became 70% majority shareholder of Prettl Electronics Queretaro, S.A. de C.V at the end of 2018 and takes over the entrepreneurial leadership of this company in Mexico.

Melecs EWS GmbH

64 | Ricardo


Ricardo is a world class independent engineering services company with niche manufacturing capability. Extensive experience of designing and developing an extremely wide range of driveline and transmission systems on a global basis, from cost-optimized MT’s to advanced DCT’s and AT’s and on to high performance e-axles and hybrid transmissions.


61A | Intertek

Intertek is more than a testing and certification laboratory – we are a partner, helping our clients to meet the necessary requirements for any regulatory environment or global market. Throughout our network of 1000+ accredited laboratories, Intertek offers a variety of automotive, electric vehicle and Automated/Connected vehicle services including assurance, testing, inspection, certification and consulting. Intertek performs testing around the world for most major OEMs and Tier Suppliers to ensure they meet all applicable standards and can get to market quickly and with confidence. We help our customers to meet end users’ expectations for safety, sustainability, performance, integrity and desirability.

48 | Means Industries

Means Industries develops award-winning, transformational propulsion-system technologies like our Selectable One-Way Clutch through rigorous, innovative design and collaboration with global OEMs. Our manufacturing capabilities include complex propulsion systems and advanced Metal-Forming and Joining, while our emerging Dynamic Clutch technologies will serve as the new building blocks for efficient Propulsion Electrification.

Means Industries

51 | Precision Resource Inc.

Precision Resource is a recognized leader in the development of fineblanking technology, producing millions of fully finished components for our customers every day – with facilities in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, and Slovenia. Drivetrain applications include: components for transmissions, torque converters, turbochargers, valve timing, fuel systems.

Precision Resource Inc.

52A | Solvay


Solvay manufactures semi-aromatic polyamides for solenoids, shift levers, clutch cylinders, housings, and shift forks; aromatic ultra polymers for seal rings, bearings, cages, bushings, and balls; fluoroelastomers for O-rings, bonded pistons, and oil seals; fluorinated fluids for lubrication, bearing grease, and additives; sulfone polymers for pump pistons; and customized films for bushings and bearings.


89 | Punch Powertrain nv

Punch Powertrain is an independent Tier1 supplier of continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual clutch transmissions (DCT), electric and hybrid powertrains for passenger cars. Optimal performance, minimal fuel consumption, low emissions and driving pleasure are key topics in developing the new generation transmissions and hybrid powertrains. Apart from gearbox technologies, Punch Powertrain is leading in the development of magnet free Switched Reluctance Motors (SRM).

Punch Powertrain nv

28 | ETAS

ETAS provides a comprehensive product portfolio of tools designed to increase quality and efficiency in embedded systems development, with solutions for software modeling/integration, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, virtual and rapid-prototyping, measurement/calibration and functional safety and security. Our tools are widely deployed in automotive, off-highway, and adjacent segments of the embedded industry.

29 | Michigan Spring & Stamping, LLC

- Michigan Spring and Stamping

Michigan Spring and Stamping has been a partner with OEM’s for 70-years, specializing in Powertrain and Transmission applications. Our Cradle-To-Grave philosophy focuses investment in Design / FEA / Prototype / Testing-Verification, providing a globally competitive manufacturing process that deploys high-volume automated efficiency with -0- defect delivery. Specific competency in the components of: spring pack assembly; detent assembly; technical springs, precision stampings and wire forms. Now, with (3) plants serving our global customer partners: Muskegon MI; El Paso TX, Wuxi China

Michigan Spring & Stamping, LLC

23A | Yinlun TDI, LLC

Yinlun is a World Class developer and supplier of automotive and commercial vehicle thermal and exhaust after-treatment components and systems.
Headquartered in China, Yinlun’s global footprint includes North America and Europe.
We serve World Class customers with World Class service and products.

Yinlun TDI, LLC

25 | Scherdel GmbH

SCHERDEL, with its 32 locations and over 5000 employees worldwide, offers a full product range in the area of engineering springs, metal forming and joining technology. The value chain contains service, engineering and production as well as in-house tool and machine construction for products used for powertrain, body and interior applications.

Scherdel GmbH

27 | Schaeffler

Together with our customers, Schaeffler is shaping the mobility for tomorrow – today.

As a global technology partner to the automotive industry, Schaeffler is creating new paths to develop ideas, and thinking beyond barriers to innovate technologies and systems for the entire vehicle drivetrain, as well as chassis systems and accessory components.

High-precision products from Schaeffler help lower fuel consumption and emissions without sacrificing, safety, performance or driving comfort. The company’s expansive product portfolio encompasses energy-efficient solutions for conventional drivetrains with internal combustion engines, innovative products for hybrids and cutting-edge components for electric vehicles.

With generated sales of approximately [EUR 14.2 billion] in 2018, 92,500 employees and about 170 locations in over 50 countries, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest family-owned companies. From its worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies, Schaeffler is able to serve the vital North American automotive market.

Staying true to its motto “In the Region, For the Region,” Schaeffler has a strong North American presence with its regional headquarters in Fort Mill, S.C. and manufacturing facilities located in South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Canada and Mexico. It also operates a 78,000-sq.-ft. Automotive Technical Center in Troy, Mich., where more than 250 engineers and technicians drive product development using state-of-the-art testing equipment, computational tools and CAD systems.


38 | Feintool US Operations, Inc.

Feintool is the technology and market leader in the business area of fineblanking and a provider of high-quality and cost-effective fineblanked and formed steel components and stamped electro sheet metal products. Feintool is globally active at its facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America, producing e-motor laminations and various driveline and drivetrain components.

Feintool US Operations, Inc.

33 | Victrex USA, Inc.

Victrex USA, Inc.

Victrex, the innovative world leader in high-performance PAEK polymer solutions, supports engineers in developing cost-effective, durable transmission components enhancing fuel efficiency and driving comfort. For more than three decades, the industry has specified VICTREX™ PEEK-based solutions for demanding powertrain applications. VICTREX™ Gear Solutions enable enhanced efficiency and reduced NVH. In EV/HEVs, APTIV™ films deliver cost-efficient and reliable electrical insulation solutions with higher energy density.

Victrex USA, Inc.

9B | Klingelnberg




Torque transfer solutions from TREMEC are found in products ranging from supercars and high-performance sports cars to severe duty, vocational and commercial vehicles worldwide. The portfolio of products includes manual transmissions, dual clutch transmissions, gears, shafts, clutches, friction materials, shift systems, synchronizers, mechatronic systems, transmission control units, and control software.


16 | Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH specializes in design, testing and manufacturing of seal rings, thrust washers and radial plain bearings. In line with the global trends in automotive and transmissions developments, our innovative solutions are designed to increase efficiency by reducing leakage, drag losses and component wear. In addition these engineered components can be used where their compact installation, low mass and easy assembly allow their high performance to be combined with economic efficiency.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH


The Felss Group is your solution provider in the field of cold forming. As a lightweight construction expert, we develop optimal solutions and processes for our customers – from development to the machine or even to the finished product in component manufacturing. Worldwide at our locations in Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, the USA and China, around 800 employees work together with our customers today to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Optimal development of machines, manufacturing systems and processes.
Component manufacturing by specialists, including large-scale production.


13 | JATCO USA, Inc.


JATCO Ltd. is the world’s No. 1 Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) manufacturer, with research and development facilities in Japan, United States, France, and Korea. Manufacturing plants are located in Japan, Mexico, China, and Thailand, producing over 5 million CVT and conventional automatic transmissions per year.

We continue to develop advanced products that reflect the needs of our customers.


17 | FEV North America, Inc.

For more than 40 years, FEV has been a global leader in the development of mobility solutions for the transportation industry. Our team of experts is passionate about advancing this space through the design, development, integration and validation of vehicle and powertrain technologies.

We specialize in designing, building and benchmarking the latest gasoline, diesel and alternative-fuel powertrains, and have positioned ourselves as a leader within the connected vehicle space. We’ve expanded our engineering capabilities to cover the entire vehicle and to meet future challenges, such as cybersecurity, autonomous driving and hybridization.

FEV North America, Inc.

21 | Konzelmann GmbH


At Konzelmann GmbH, we tailor each solution to your application environment to optimize performance and cost effectiveness of the overall system.

We have the ability to design, prototype, test, manufacture and ship worldwide tribological parts such as bushings, axial/radial bearings, thrust washers, seal rings, gears, guiding components, and more.

Konzelmann GmbH

22 | Swoboda Inc.

Swoboda Inc.

Swoboda is a worldwide leader in the technologically complex area of molding elements (high-precision metal-plastic composite parts) for the automotive industry that form the interface between mechanical and electronic components. Swoboda develops and manufactures components and assemblies in Germany, Czech Republic, United States, China, Romania, and Mexico.

Swoboda Inc.

20 | ZF


ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a workforce of 146,000 with 230 locations in 40 countries. In 2017, ZF achieved sales of €36.4 billion and as such, is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide.


1A | Oerlikon Friction Systems (US) Inc.


Friction Systems is your global technology partner for innovative transmission synchronizer and is benchmark in the development and manufacture of high-performance Carbon friction linings and transmission components. Modern synchronizers consist of precision-formed steel synchronizer rings with Carbon friction linings that fulfill the highest requirements. Especially, our 2-layer Carbon friction linings EF®5010 and EF®8000 are setting the standard of this industry. In combination with our development and in-house manufacturing of synchronizer components, we provide you the ideal solution for conventional powertrains as well as for modern hybrid transmissions. As a result of our latest research and development, we present you an innovative all-in-one solution, our Segmented Synchronizer System S³. S³ and its derivatives S³C and S³plus replaces conventional multi-cone synchronizers, and offer an efficient solution saving space, weight & costs. Thus, S³ offers a decisive advantage for fuel economy and CO2 reducing transmissions. With our worldwide locations in DE, IT, UK, US, BR, CN, IN and JP, we are represented in all major automotive centers, offering local manufacturing and development support.

Oerlikon Friction Systems (US) Inc.

19 | Walter Henrich GmbH

The middle-class family business Walter Henrich GmbH has specialized in the development and production of precisely cold-formed tubular shafts. The Walter Henrich GmbH offers you the following advantages:

  • support in the development of new products
  • optimization regarding development time and costs through the own manufacturing of samples and prototypes
  • use of efficient production technologies for chipless and chipping processing

Walter Henrich GmbH

1 | IMA Automation North America

IMA Automation North America designs and builds turn-key assembly and test solutions for the transmission clutch, electronics and other select industries. Our engineered solutions support your projects at every stage of the product life cycle – from concept to commercialization. IMA Automation has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your production goals.

IMA Automation North America

6A | MFC Corporation

MFC is an award winning innovative industry leader in flowforming/coldforming and post machining of powertrain products for the automotive and off-road industries. MFC’s unique processes provide weight reduction, complex cross sections, component consolidation and cost saving opportunities that have been advancing the powertrain industry for more than 65 years.

MFC Corporation

62 | American GFM Corporation

GFM Radial Forging technology provides many technical advantages. Material improvements, weight savings, greater material utilization, hollow part processing and tight tolerances are possible in a hot, semi- hot or cold forging process. The GFM SKK model Radial Forging Machine is well suited for many EV, automotive transmission and driveline applications.

American GFM Corporation

59 | Brand KG

The brandgroup is specialized in development and manufacturing of cold formed technical springs as well as wire formed parts. We are the leading producer of damping springs for powertrains in Europe. We offer innovative technology and efficient solutions for constantly increasing requirements. For decades our customers appreciates our reliability and knowhow regarding material, development and prototypes. Moreover also our sophisticated manufacturing technologies and analytical capabilities. The brandgroup has several manufacturing sites in Europe and beyond so that we are able to offer products, services and solutions in various imaginable ways.

Brand KG

90 | Drive System Design


Drive System Design (DSD) is an award-winning engineering consultancy, innovating to design and develop industry-leading drivelines, powertrain systems, and eMotor technologies.

Working closely with global vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers and niche technology developers alike, DSD offers full system design, optimization and integration across the mobility, commercial, and off-highway industries.

Drive System Design

18 | Ernst Metal Technologies LLC


ERNST has been a buzzword for over 40 years for first-class quality and reliability as well as for sophisticated technology and processes. We have been able to surprise our customers time and time again with exceptionally innovative solutions for stamping and deep drawing products on the way to series-production readiness.

Ernst Metal Technologies LLC

66 | GGB


GGB helps create a world of motion with minimal frictional loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies. With global R&D, testing and production facilities, GGB partners with transmission customers worldwide on customized tribological design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable.

To learn more visit www.ggbearings.com.

8 | Kolektor group, d.o.o.

Kolektor is a development and production partner for various Motor Components and Subsystems and due to innovative technology offers key solutions for Motors, Brakes, Gear boxes and Electronics.
Through production locations on the European, Asian and the U.S. market, Kolektor utilizes its full technological and developmental potentials to ensure customer satisfaction.

Kolektor group, d.o.o.

11 | Kostal Group

KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme, Inc

KOSTAL is a world leader in transmission connector applications. Utilizing extensive experience, KOSTAL’s connection solutions are able to meet the severe performance requirements of transmissions. KOSTAL provides its customers with comprehensive expertise for contact and housing systems from design to production.

Kostal Group

4 | Minnesota Rubber & Plastics


Minnesota Rubber & Plastics leverages experience across a broad range of high-performance elastomers, fluoroelastomers and thermoplastics to provide integrated multi-material components that are manufactured globally. Precision molding, bond quality and chemical compatibility are key product features. MR&P also offers on-site compounding, design and analysis capabilities for our customers.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics

90A | THORS eLearning Solutions



39A | Methode Electronics

Methode Electronics is a leading developer of custom engineered products using the latest technologies. Our contactless magnetoelastic sensors enable torque and other force measurements in high volume production applications that were previously unfeasible. We leverage the talents of our over 5,000 employees to serve three market areas: Automotive, Industrial and Medical.

Methode Electronics

6 | Hutchinson

Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems, Inc.

Hutchinson designs and produces customized materials and connected solutions to respond to the needs of its global customers, on land, in the air and at sea. A global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing system technologies, our Group stands out with a multiple market offering spanning multiple areas of expertise and delivering synergies and value-added. Hutchinson reported revenues of €4.115 billion in 2017 and has 43,049 employees in 24 countries. Our ambition is to contribute to safer, more comfortable and more responsible mobility for the future.


50 | Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co. KG

Hugo Benzing a world leading producer of retaining elements is a Tier-1 supplier for almost every reputable automotive manufacturer. On more than 20.000 square meters in Germany and 4000 square meters in the USA we employ about 800 people. Our product range consists of retainers, wire forms, precision stampings as well as complex assemblies for torque converters and dual clutch transmissions.

A vast product portfolio of more than 26.000 different parts supports the needs of our customers, in multiple industries and countless applications.

Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co. KG

59A | Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A.


Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. is an Italian company dedicated since 1961 exclusively to the development, manufacture and sale of external gear pumps and motors. Marzocchi Pompe is a Tier 2 company that supports powertrain customers and electro-hydraulic power steering systems for both conventional and hybrid models.

Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A.



3 | BOCAR Croup

Bocar Group is a reliable partner in the development and production of high quality engine, structural, transmission, steering and suspension components and assemblies produced from aluminum high pressure die casting and aluminum semi-permanent mold castings, as well as injection molded engine, interior, trunk and exterior plastic components.


91 | Robert Bosch GmbH


Robert Bosch GmbH

49 | DuPont

DuPont Transportation & Advanced Polymers (T&AP) delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the transportation, electronics, industrial and consumer markets. We work with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments.


CTI Exhibitor Helpdesk

Agyeman Baffour

Agyeman Baffour

Sponsoring & Exhibiting

Sales Coordinator
Phone: +49(0)211.88743-3624

57 | Dana Incorporated


Dana is a global leader in the supply of highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies that improve the efficiency and performance of vehicles with both conventional and alternative-energy powertrains. Serving three primary markets – passenger vehicle, commercial truck, and off-highway equipment – Dana provides the world’s original-equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket with local product and service support through a network of nearly 100 engineering, manufacturing, and distribution facilities.

Dana Incorporated

61A | Contact

Michael Follmann

Michael Follmann

Sponsoring & Exhibiting

Sales Director
Phone: +49(0)211.88743-3729

10 | TOYO Corporation

toyo corporation

TOYO Corporation is a Japanese technology company headquartered in Japan. Since its founding in 1953, TOYO has become the leading distributor of advanced measurement instruments and systems in Japan. TOYO also engages in original product designs and develops advanced solutions for many of markets that its serves including automotive, sustainable energy, and cyber security industries.

TOYO Corporation

24 | CCTY Bearing Company

CCTY Bearing Company

62A | Contact

Michael Follmann

Michael Follmann

Sponsoring & Exhibiting

Sales Director
Phone: +49(0)211.88743-3729